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Techno-Wizard Competition

Because no player has even thought for a minute to analyze the competition, I doubt this post will even get read.


This post supercedes stuff in the BoM and FoM.

Stormspire is the largest TW manufacturer in North America and produce the largest volume of TW armaments anywhere in the world. Stormspire makes millions of sales annually, and they have a reputation for quality.

The Stormspire "Mana Bar" energy magazine is the most innovative TW deployment method yet produced for the mass market. The Mana Bar system eliminates the need for the operator to have magical powers or even knowledge of how to operate TW equipment. The Mana Bar energy magazine can be recharged at a leyline or nexus point, and provides several times the payload of a single charge device.  Usage of a Mana Bar-enabled device is simple, just like any normal firearm. It is this major fact, plus Stormspire's sheer production volume, that makes Stormspire the player that they are. Mana Bar systems are not interchangable with normal TW power, but a Mana Bar can be recharged by any mage, making this a minimal issue.

Stormspire is well-known among the wizard community to be overpriced, but they produce items that are simply unavailable anywhere else.The Mana Bar system allows a mage to power his firearms without sacrificing his personal spell power, a huge benefit to most combat spellcasters.

Stormspire also produces numerous utility and home use TW products but is mostly outdone in this area by other manufacturers. Their prime export is weapons, armor, and vehicles.

Mana Bar cost is 20,000 credits. It's a little larger than a short E-Mag; roughly 1"x1"x6" and can be carried in a short mag ammo pouch.

Shard Pistol
Range: 200ft
Damage: 3d4+2 (piercing, semi-automatic)
Payload: 48 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 72,000 credits

Shock Pistol
Range: 120ft
Damage: 2d6 (electric, semi-automatic)
Payload: 60 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 35,000 credits

Jammer Pistol
Range: 150ft
Damage: Disables a size 1.5 or smaller electronic device until the end of the round. Can't affect armored items or TW items of any kind.
Payload: 6 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 90,000 credits

Starfire Pistol
Range: 800ft
Damage: 3d6+4 (smashing)
Payload: 12 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 70,000 credits

Firebolt Rifle
Range: 2000ft
Damage: 4d6 (fire)
Payload: 18 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 70,000 credits

Lightning Pulse Rifle
Range: 2000ft
Damage: 2d6 (electric, 3-round burst)
Payload: 50 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 95,000 credits

Fireburst Rifle
Range: 1000ft
Damage: 2d6+4 (fire, automatic)
Payload: 40 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 150,000 credits

Disruptor Rifle
Range: 2000ft
Damage: Disables any unshielded electronic device until the end of the round. Can't penetrate the armor of RPA or armored vehicles.
Payload: 12 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 150,000 credits

Force Rifle
Range: 4000ft
Damage: 1d6*10+4 (smashing)
Payload: 3 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 300,000 credits
Note: Unsuitable for firing without bipod or PS 30(n)/18(s). If fired unsupported, recoil inhibits actions on turn after firing. Bipod standard, no standard scope. Stormspire exclusive.

Snare Rifle
Range: 500ft, 5ft radius splash
Damage: Magic net as spell -- one shot per round as always
Payload: 12 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 190,000 credits

Windblast Shotgun
Range: 500ft, 10ft radius column
Damage: As Wind Rush; 90 MD KB magnitude. One shot per round.
Payload: 18 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 150,000 credits

Starfire Pulse Cannon
Range: 2000ft, 10ft radius splash
Damage: 2d6*10 (smashing)
Payload: 2 rounds per Mana Bar. Holds a total of 8.
Cost: 450,000 credits
Note: Size 2; tripod comes standard. Stormspire exclusive.

TK Light Machine Gun
Range: 2000ft
Damage: 2d4 (smashing, machinegun)
Payload: 100 rounds per Mana Bar
Cost: 160,000 credits
Note: Requires PS 25(n)/15(s) to be used as a shoulder fired firearm due to excessive recoil. Size 1.5. Bipod comes standard.

Dragonfire Flamethrower
Range: 250ft, 5ft radius column
Damage: 1d4*10 (fire, suppressing)
Payload: 2 shots per Mana Bar
Cost: 300,000 credits
Note: Size 1; roughly the size of a short-barrelled shotgun or SMG

Daylight Grenade
Airbursts about 20ft above its thrown point and generates a Globe of Daylight, as the spell, for 12 minutes. Vampires and sun-sensitive undead cannot enter within 50ft of the globe. It is stationary.
Cost: 2000 credits

Rain Flare
Creates a 100ft radius rainstorm underneath the flare for 30 minutes.
Cost: 20,000 credits

Flash Grenade
Literally the same thing as the Spellforge grenade.
Cost: 1000 credits

Fear Grenade
1 minute Fear: HF16 on explosion, 10 foot radius.
Cost: 2000 credits

Fire Grenade
6d6 fire damage to a 10 foot blast radius.
Cost: 5000 credits

Freeze Grenade
Ices everything over in a 10ft radius. The ice is thick, requiring MDC tools to break it. It lasts for 3 minutes.
Cost: 6000 credits

Generic TW Melee

These weapons can be made by a variety of crafters. Expect most TW shops to have some stock of some of these items, most typically flaming sword or dagger hilts. All large TW manufacturers produce most, if not all, of these weapons and generally have some in stock at any given time.

Boomerang Blade
Passively returns when thrown, no mana cost. Has a throwing range of 600ft. Returns on the turn after being thrown; cannot be thrown in successive turns. Must be a knife, large shuriken, tomahawk, bladed boomerang, or chakram.

Damage: 2d6+3
Bonuses: +1 strike and parry
Has 300 MDC, must be repaired by a TW (expensive)

Cost: 100,000 credits

Flaming Dagger
A knife hilt that erupts into flame when activated.
Damage: 2d6 fire when activated
Activation Cost: 5 mana (10 ISP)
Duration: 2 minutes
Cost: 40,000 credits

Flaming Sword
A sword hilt. When activated, turns into a blade that can throw fire bolts.
Damage: 4d6 fire when active, 4d6 firebolts
Activation Cost: 8 mana (16 ISP)
Duration: 2 minutes
Payload: 6 firebolts; if firebolts are expended, active mode ends.
Range: 200 feet (for firebolts)

Cost: 70,000 credits

Ice Blade
Coats itself in ice when activated, dealing cold damage and chilling targets. Victims must make a saving throw vs. magic or suffer -1 init, -1 combat and -10% speed penalty. Spell strength 12. Effects worth through body armor. Can be any long blade weapon (sword, axe, polearm)
Damage: 3d6 cold when activated.
Activation Cost: 10 (20 ISP)
Duration: 2 minutes; cold effect lasts for 1d4 rounds per hit
Cost: 100,000 credits

Lightning Axe
When activated, crackles with electricity and does bonus damage. Does slashing megadamage when not active. If it hits a metal vehicle or other conductive electronic device, the electric damage is doubled and has a 45% chance of causing a minor malfunction. No extra effect against composite armor or shielded systems.
Damage: 2d6 slashing, +2d6 electric when active. Must be an axe, although spiked mace versions are made in some places in the New West.

Activation Cost: 12 mana (24 ISP)
Duration: 30 seconds
Cost: 80,000 credits

Lightning Spear
When activated, crackles with electricity and deals massive damage when thrown. Is frighteningly accurate as a thrown weapon. Must be a spear. Deals megadamage when deactivated. Activating the spear can be done during the throw as a free action. Note: Returning versions of the spear are rumored to exist; roughly equivalent to an Elite weapon.
Damage: 2d6+3 piercing, 1d6*10 electric when thrown while active.
Bonuses: +5 strike when thrown. Travels almost instantly to the target.
Activation Cost: 15 mana (30 ISP)
Range: 2000 feet
Cost: 70,000 credits. Returning versions typically cost 300,000 credits or more.

Elite TW Items

Elite TW weapons can come from any major TW manufacturer. Stormspire and Tolkeen make most of them, but all have a long creation time and are generally made to special order. All costs must be paid up-front if purchased from a major manufacturer. If a smaller manufacturer can produce them, generally half is paid up front, with another half upon delivery.

Battle Fury Blade
When activated, inflicts dramatically increased damage and doublestrikes. Deals mega-damage even when deactivated. Must be a bastard sword, greatsword, claymore, flamberge, slashing polearm, war axe, or great axe. One of the most feared and popular epic TW weapons in the world.
Damage: 6d6 passive, 1d6*10 active (plus doublestrike)
Activation cost: 40 mana (80 ISP)
Active Duration: 3 minutes
Has 200 MDC, regenerates 2d6 per day
Cost: at least 10,000,000 credits

Deals full damage even when deactivated. When active, the wielder takes no damage from non-magic, non-psychic attacks (chi attacks also okay). The wielder's gear (including armor) can still be damaged. The wielder can also shoot a single burst of high-powered force per activation. The wielder may spend the activation cost again to reset the force blast and duration. Activating the Deathbringer while its active is in place is a free action. Must be the same type of weapon as a Battle Fury Blade.
Damage: 1d6*10 slashing, 1d6*10+10 force blast
Bonuses: +1 strike and parry
Activation Cost: 50 mana (100 ISP)
Duration: 1 minute
Has 200 MDC, must be repaired by TWs
Cost: at least 12,000,000 credits

Demon Claws
Deals full damage even when deactivated. When activated, gives the wearer supernatural strength and increases his strength by 8. Gives -2 to strike using firearms, -1 to strike with other melee weapons and -30% on manual dexterity skills when worn.
Damage: 4d6
Bonuses: +1 strike, +2 parry with claws only. Always active.
Activation Cost: 25 mana (50 ISP)
Duration: 15 minutes
Has 450 MDC. Regenerates 10 MDC per day.
Cost: roughly 1,000,000 credits

Draining Blade
When activated, deals megadamage and drains the target as the Life Drain spell. Deals standard damage otherwise. Must be a one-handed sword.
Damage: 4d6 + life drain effect, 2d6 SD when inactive
Activation Cost: 10 mana (20 ISP)
Duration: 30 minutes
Generally under 100 MDC. Must be repaired by TWs.
Cost: At least 2,000,000 credits

When active the wielder inflicts massive knockback and damage with attacks. If used to slam the ground, can apply kb magnitude only to a 10 foot radius circle. Must be a warhammer, mace, maul, gauntlets or other blunt weapon.
Damage: 1d4*10, SD as appropriate for weapon when deactivated. Deals an additional +100 kb magnitude in addition to magnitude from damage.

Activation Cost: 35 mana (70 ISP)
Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 250,000 credits


England TW weapons are generally exclusive to the Camelot military, but it is quite possible to purchase or trade for them.

Plasma Lance
Deals mega-damage even when deactivated. When activated, functions similarly to a flaming sword; can throw firebolts and is surrounded in a flaming aura. Can be couched for charging attacks from a mount.
Damage: 2d6, +4d6 fire when active, 4d6 firebolts
Activation Cost: 8 mana (16 ISP)
Duration: 2 minutes
Payload: 6 firebolts; if firebolts are expended, active mode ends.
Range: 1000 feet (for firebolts)
Cost: 70,000 credits

When active, becomes immune to energy and can shoot lightning bolts. A lightning bolt is also discharged on a successful melee parry at the attacker.
Damage: 3d6 per lightning bolt, deals SD from shield bashes
Activation Cost: 20 mana (40 ISP)
Duration: 5 minutes. Each lightning bolt discharge eats 1 minute from the timer.
Range: 50 feet (for lightning bolts)
Has 100 MDC. Must be repaired by a TW.
Cost: 600,000 credits

Helm of All Seeing
When active, the wearer can see invisible, see aura, gains thermal vision, detect magical concealment and gains +3 to save vs. illusions.
Activation Cost: 12 mana (24 ISP)
Duration: 15 minutes
Cost: 250,000 credits


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