Monday, January 26, 2015

White dragon fight (like nick will actually read this)

Suggestions are welcome ofc


Alain, CLR6/PAL3
Immune to fear
+4 Ref
AC 22
ring of protection +1, scroll RE(mass) CL7
Amulet of teamwork (+2 flanking damage, +3 aid another, single use +5 insight to AC)
Healing belt (4d6 hp, 1 charge)
+1 bastard sword (+8 attack, d10+3, crit 19-20)
Spell DC 10 + 3 + SL

Jarn, SOR5
Immune to frightful presence
+1 Ref
AC 18
1 scroll SM2, 1 scroll SM3, cloak of comfort +1
Arcanist's gloves (2/day +2CL on level 1 spell)
Spell DC probably irrelevant (10 + 4 + SL)

+6 Will, +5 Ref
AC 11 or 14 (with mage armor)
1 scroll SM2, 1 scroll SM3, cloak of charisma +2
Metamagic rod of piercing spell (+6 spell penetration, 3x/day)
Spell DC probably irrelevant (10 + 5 + SL bard, 10 + 3 + SL wiz)
UMD +16/+20 with scrolls/+2 aid another

Kaeli, FTR6/ROG3
Immune to frightful presence
+7 Ref
AC 20 (with dodge)
Sneak Attack 2d6
potion of barkskin CL3, potion of blur CL3
+2 longsword (+11 attack, d8+4, crit 19-20)
+1 small longsword (+10 attack, d6+2, crit 19-20)
mwk composite longbow +2 (+11 attack, d8+2)
dragonbane arrow (+2 hit, +3+2d6 damage vs. dragon)
Amulet of tears (12 temphp, 3 charges)
Tumble +14

Lucas, SOR4
Immune to frightful presence
approximately +3 Ref
Has Precise Shot
many scrolls Ray of Enfeeblement CL2
Metamagic rod empower spell (1.5 spell dice, 3x/day)

Roderick, ROG5
Approximately +2 Will, +7 Ref (maybe give him cloak of comfort)
AC unknown
Has Precise Shot, Sneak Attack 3d6
+2 composite shortbow (+8 attack, d6)
dragonbane arrow (+2 hit, +2+2d6 damage vs. dragon)

Prince Wilhelm Reichelt II FAM6
Will +7, Ref +7
AC no getting hit bad bird


White Dragon (young adult)
15 HD (142 HP)
AC 23 (-1 size, +14 natural)
STR 19, CON 17, all other stats 10ish
Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +9
+15 BAB
bite 10ft reach, 2d6+4
claw d8 +2
wing d6 +2
tail d8 +6
full attack: bite +18, claw +13 claw +13 wing +13 wing +13 tail +13
increase secondary attacks to +15 if he has multiattack REALLY LIKELY
+23 on grapple (don't try)
Frightful presence: Will DC17; is a fear save so morale bonus applies. Failure means shaken for 4d6 rounds for the 5HD people. For the 4HD people, failure means fleeing.
Breath weapon: DC20 for 5d6 cold. 40 foot cone.
60 ft land speed, 200 ft fly speed. Poor maneuverability.


Start of day
Alain: Shield Other >> Kaeli
Jarn: Mage Armor >> Jarn
Kaeli: oil GMW >> Kaeli's longsword
Roderick: oil GMW >> Roderick's shortbow
Not really necessary for Jarn to use mage armor on JC or familiar

Before combat
As many as possible, in order:

  • Alain: scroll of RE(mass) CL7 >> all party members (7 total)
  • Kaeli: potion of Barkskin >> Kaeli (AC becomes 22)
  • Jarn: Invisibility >> Lucas
  • JC: potion of Owl's Wisdom >> JC
R2: If there is a second pre-fight round and the dragon is very far away, it should be delayed until the dragon is approximately 1000 feet away
  • Alain: Antidragon Aura >> Alain, Kaeli, Roderick (3 total)
  • Kaeli: potion of Blur >> Kaeli
  • Jarn: Invisibility >> Roderick
  • JC: Inspirational Boost >> JC
  • JC: Inspire Courage >> allies, continuous
  • Alain: Interfaith Blessing >> party
  • Jarn or JC: Invisibility >> JC
  • Everyone invisible should leave a small marker item off of their person, and then pick it up so that they can be targeted during this part and their general position can be known while scattered.
  • Everyone >> scatter ~55ft from Kaeli
After R3
  • Kaeli can fire normal arrows if desired, starting the combat
  • JC should refocus ASAP if possible to get to the top of the initiative order
  • JC can use Ghost Sound to taunt the dragon in loud Kaeli/Dragon hybrid voice, speaking taunts in Draconic
  • Roderick does not attack at this point

Dragon closes to 100ft, actual combat begins
Party members should continue buffing if they aren't done yet.
If anyone is not invisible, they scatter anyway and we do without
If Antidragon Aura is not up yet, Roderick scatters, he will have to do without
Interfaith Blessing and singing are big AoE global "allies" spells so they will hit people regardless

Round 1
  • Conviction is spent to make dragon roll twice on initiative
  • JC, Roderick, Prince Wilhelm Reichelt II make will saves against frightful presence
  • JC makes a rally check to clear Shaken from Roderick if he fails, otherwise uses scroll of SM2 to summon medium fiendish monstrous spider
  • If Kaeli is fully buffed, shoot one antidragon arrow, drop bow, ready melee weapons. If not, do the next buff in line and draw melee weapons. She uses one amulet of tears charge here, and refreshes it if it is breached
  • Dragon uses Flyby Attack and strafes Kaeli with breath weapon
  • Lucas and Roderick get cover (60ft of Kaeli or closer) and hang out
  • Jarn reads scroll of SM3 to summon bison (55ft from Kaeli, awayish from himself)
  • Alain begins casting SM3 to summon a bison
  • turns need to be in this order, people should delay at this point to get them in this position: JC >> Dragon >> Jarn >> Roderick >> Alain (Kaeli and Lucas' turn orders don't matter)
Round 2
  • JC readies Downdraft
  • Kaeli waits until last initiative
  • Dragon power dives Kaeli, JC Downdrafts him out of the dive using rod (UMD needs a 2, penetration can't fail)
  • If present, Spider closes as much as possible (to within 15ft but this is unlikely) and webs the dragon (+6 to hit before range increments, likely +4, needing 5 to hit)
  • Familiar takes rod to Jarn (which is why he's not invisible) and takes cover behind Jarn
  • Roderick moves to within 30ft or closer of dragon, begins firing with antidragon arrows
  • Lucas moves to within 30ft or closer of dragon, begins using Ray of Enfeeblement scrolls without rod (needs a 14 to penetrate, 5 to hit or less depending on Weapon Focus and Interfaith Blessing)
  • Jarn moves to within 35ft or closer, begins firing Ray of Enfeeblement using all possible buffs (needs a 5, a 3 or less to penetrate, accuracy +2 if entangled, as much as +2 from interfaith blessing)
  • Jarn's bison charges and attacks dragon, provoking AOO unless dragon is prone
  • Alain finishes SM3, moves towards dragon, casts Elation (or other buffs if they're not up)
  • If all of Alain's buffs aren't up, Alain moves up and continues the buffs he missed
  • Alain may use conviction here to get another spell out (Invest Light Protection on himself, or get up to speed on any buffs he's missed)
  • Alain's bison charges and attacks dragon, provoking AOO if not already used unless dragon is prone
  • Kaeli full attacks with all melee weapons, benefiting from flanking if at all possible
Round 3
  • Ranged characters should spread out so that they cannot be simultaneously hit by a breath weapon (getting closer to the dragon, approx 25ft is better in this case)
  • Melee characters should use 5ft steps to better box in the dragon and provide cover for allies
  • If spider is not present, JC summons it unless the dragon is already enfeebled below 13 STR (6 or more damage)
  • Otherwise, JC hastes everyone near the melee in the following order: Kaeli, Alain, Bisons, Roderick, Spider(s)
  • Spider moves closer and webs, if present and dragon not entangled. If already entangled, moves closer and does nothing
  • Familiar returns to JC (without rod)
  • Dragon full attacks or attempts to break entangle; if he's prone, he will stand up (yay AOOs)
  • Roderick uses any method to maintain sneak attack and maximum DPS
  • Bisons (all) begin full attacking
  • Lucas continues to enfeeble unless dragon is enfeebled, then he begins empowered Scorching Ray blasting (needs at least a 12 to land)
  • Jarn continues Ray of Enfeeblement until he is out of rod/glove charges, even if ray has stuck, unless max damage was rolled or he scores a crit; he should cast Suds on Kaeli in this case to give her +10 on escape artist checks
  • Alain moves to within 10ft, draws weapon and casts a spell, depending on his positioning: Baneblade on Kaeli's longsword (if adjacent to Kaeli), Invest Light Protection on self (if not already cast), Local Tremor (if unable to Baneblade Kaeli)
  • Alain may burn conviction here to do more with his actions
  • Alain cannot move closer than 10ft due to the threat of AOO
  • Kaeli continues full attacking
Round 4
  • JC is done at this point unless he has some kind of an attack wand; if he has one, he uses it here (probably Blinding Spittle)
  • If JC has an attack wand, Familiar aids his UMD check (to +18, succeed on 2)
  • Spider shoots web if broken, move close and aid in flanking
  • This is the 1st round where Dragon could have breath weapon available; his actions will largely depend on the situation, he could be prone or blinded, so adaptation may be necessary
  • Jarn and his bison delay to take his turn after Alain (due to amulet of teamwork)
  • Lucas and Roderick continue gameplans
  • Alain 5ft steps into melee and either spams tremor, full attacks, casts more buffs, or heals himself, as appropriate for the situation
  • Alain should spend conviction here if he hasn't already exhausted his supply
  • Jarn and Bisons continue gameplan
  • Kaeli continues full attacking
Round 5+
  • Everyone continues gameplan
Conviction and YOU!

All of Alain's conviction should be spent on extra standards; he has not enough actions and lots to do
At least 3 points of Kaeli's conviction should be spent on double rolling bite attack rolls as a critical puts the team at a very huge life disadvantage
2 points of JC's conviction should be spent double rolling his and dragon's initiative totals, as he must spend a full round refocusing on round 1 if he doesn't go before the dragon
1 point of conviction can be spent to double roll the dragon's Reflex save on Downdraft as a failure makes him prone, preventing AOOs on charging bisons
1 point of conviction can be spent to double roll Jarn's first and/or second ray attack roll, as these are the most likely to penetrate and will deal the most strength damage

Extra conviction should be:
donated to Alain for more standards
Roderick extra moves (to stealth before full attack)
roll twice Kaeli's first and haste mainhand attacks if not enough is available
roll twice Lucas spell penetration checks (not as desirable due to high waste chance)