Monday, August 22, 2011

The Spellforge Roster (+allies)

Sir Lee Chen (Cyberknight 6)
Jaqueline Cassidy (Techno-wizard 6)
Blackstream (Night Stalker/Mystic 6)
Sara (RPA Elite 5) (3000c/mo)
T'fon (Shifter 7) (paid on commission)
Gargoyle A (Gargoyle 4)
Gargoyle B (Gargoyle 4)
Lyra (Operator 5) (barely a member as it is)
Brick (Mining Cyborg 5) (5000c/mo)
Lion (Psi-Stalker 5) (5000c/mo)
Olug (Mystic Kuznya 5) (doing his own thing)
Aptaev (Great Horned Dragon/Warlock 4) (paid in spells)
Izeuphy (Succubus 4) (2000c/mo)
Samador Imenth (Techno-wizard 4) (4000c/mo)
Charlie Guillermo (Techno-wizard 2) (3000c/mo)
Veronica Merriweather (Techno-wizard 2) (3000c/mo)
Abkii the Defiant (Chiang-Ku Dragon 4)
Lo Li (Chiang-Ku Dragon 3)
(1) Medic/Healer (Hired Gun 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Johan Haus (Mind Melter 5) (2500c/mo)
(2) Headhunter 2 (2500c/mo)
(1) Military Sniper (Assassin 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Spotter (Assassin 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Wilderness Sniper (Assassin 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Radioman (Spec Ops 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Helicopter Pilot (Spec Ops 2) (2500c/mo)
(1) Field Technician (Spec Ops 2) (2500c/mo)
(2) Heavy Weapons Soldier (Spec Ops 2) (2500c/mo)

(total cost of employees 50,000/mo)

Bills: (6000c/mo total)
Power, Kingsdale complex: 0c/mo
Power, Atlantis storefront: 100c/mo
WGS, Kingsdale: 150c/mo
WGS, Atlantis: 150c/mo
Weapons Maintenance: 20c/mo per combatant (400c total)
Maintenance, Wheeled Vehicles: 25c/mo each (100c total)
Maintenance, Hovercycles: 100c/mo each
Maintenance, Helicopters: 500c/mo each
Food, Humans: 150c per person (3300c total)
Food, Monsters: 300c per person (1200c total)


"Crazy" Florentino Villapondo (Crazy 6)
Kingsdale Dragons Captain (Juicer 4)
Julian the First (Mega-Juicer 8)
White Raven (Wilderness Scout 12)
Sgt. Beta (Android 10)
Sir Brakkus (Cyberknight 6)
Darien (Mind Melter 6)
Cale "Tim The Invisible Man" McLeod (Hardware: Mechanical 5)
Stydro (Ancient Great Horned Dragon/Shifter 15)
Richard Harken (Dragonslayer 15)
Terra (Vagabond 3*)
Dragonwright Followers (many)
Sgt. John Slaughter (Juicer 6)
Genem (Divine Knight 16)
Matthias (Chiang-Ku Dragon/Wu Shih 9)
Katrina Sun (Leyline Walker 10?)
Erin Tarn (Rogue Scholar 14)
Winslow Thorpe (Cyberknight 9)
Victor Lazlo (Parapsychologist 12)
Lo Fung (Chiang-Ku Dragon/Chinese Alchemist/Tattoo Master 15)
Sir Galahad (Undead Slayer 9)
Max (Undead Slayer 14)
Planeskipper "Skippy" (Shifter 6)
Rexus the Red (Cyberknight 7)

*Terra has no useful skills, other than language skills, basic math; all of her actual magical powers are racial advantages, similar to BS' inherent racial magic knowledge

This list does not include anyone who hasn't fought with the PCs, including:

Keith Overton
Warlord Sabre Lasar

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