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Mercenary Recruiting

Recruiting Mercs

In order to recruit mercs from an area, you need a contact. Generic mercs can be hired without a contact, just by putting work notices up or by doing the hiring yourself. All generic mercs start out at level 1, while better-trained or experienced mercs must be picked up through contacts and may have higher levels or special abilities.

Recruiting mercs is as simple as asking a contact for a mercenary of X type and Y specialty. I might actually create some random deviation tables, but for right now you're basically getting really generic people with 9-12 in all stats. Characters with dynamic skill selections can have -anything- in those skill slots, unless players specify. "A headhunter that can fly a combat helicopter" is fine (meaning WP: Heavy and Pilot Helicopter), but "An assassin with WP targeting, heavy, and archery" isn't really, unless you give him the weapons specialty.

Recruiting mages is difficult; you can specify either one spell, or the skill specialty, but not both -- except where the two overlap (eg. Rogue with Invis Simple).

Minor psionic characters (2 powers from 1 category) can be recruited, but must generally be out of the "generic mercenary" category and must be hired from a contact with the appropriate connections. A Hired Gun can have any MOS with psychic powers -- so you might ask for "a Hired Gun sensitive grunt."

Specialty mercs, including Samador (the TW), and your Medic and Spymaster, cannot be hired normally. They are one-time recruits. This includes characters with 2 or more skill specialties, major psychics, or characters of higher than normal base experience level. It may also include characters with extremely high stats, eg. an Assassin with Sharpshooting, or characters of normally non-recruitable classes, like Magi (any kind) or RPA Elite pilots.

Unless otherwise stated, NPCs ONLY come with 1 skill specialty by default (Hired Guns and Headhunters come with 0). Some "special" mercs may have more; if you see "max 2" or "max 3," that's what that means.

All characters have a vibro-knife.

Major psionics is 8 powers from one category (GM-determined).

Changes to Spellforge teams

Haus is now a named character
Note: Your Medic is now a level 1 Hired Gun with the Medic MOS, major psychic with healer powers

Tennesee Headhunters

Special Operations Soldier (Level 2)
Radio, Computer, Sensors, Weapon Systems
Literacy, Military Intelligence
RPA Basic, Pilot Tank
Expert Combat
Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle
Skill specialty (max 2): Any Military, Any Espionage, Paramedic, Communications, Mechanical, Electrical, Piloting, Rogue, Technical, Weapons, Wilderness
Equipment: Bushman EBA (50 MDC, -10%), NG-IP7 or NG-LC6 (if heavy weapons is known), NG-57
Spellforge wage: 3000c/month

Assassin (Level 2)
Radio, Computer
Literacy, 3 Languages, Military Intelligence
Demolitions, Demo Disposal, Tracking, Prowl, Concealment, Ambush
No Piloting
Assassin Combat
Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle, Sniper, +3 WP (possibly sharpshooting)
Skill specialty (max 1): Parachuting, Piloting, Communications, Any Espionage, Rogue, Technical, Weapons, Wilderness
Equipment: Crusader EBA (50 MDC, -5%), JA-11, NG-33
Spellforge wage: 3000/month

Headhunter (Level 2)
Radio, Computer, Sensors, Weapon Systems, ECM
Literacy, 3 Languages, Lore D&M
Navigation, Concealment, Ambush, Tracking, Survival
Pilot Tank, Jetpack, +2
Expert Combat
Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle, +3 WP (never sharpshooting)
Skill specialty (max 1): None (specialists may have 1)
Equipment: LE-B1 armor (135 MDC, -15%), Multi-optic eyes, Bionic laser, NG-P7 or L-20 or NG-LC6 (depending on weapon skills), NG-Super
Spellforge wage: 3500/month

Generic Mercenaries

Hired Gun (Level 1)
Radio, Computers, Basic Math
Literacy, 1 Language, Sign Language
Climbing, Running, Athletics
No Piloting
Basic Combat
Knife, Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle
MOS Skill specialty (max 1): Basic/Grunt, Medic, Piloting, Heavy Weapons, Scout, EOD, Communications/Computers
Skill Specialty (max 1): None
Equipment: Huntsman EBA (40 MDC, -15%), NG-L5, NG-33
Spellforge wage: Dunno yet!
Notes on MOS: Most of the MOS programs are superior to others
  • Communication includes ewar, sensors, and extra languages
  • Heavy Weapons includes the entire package (including weapon systems)
  • Pilot doesn't include RPA; more "motor T" type character, can include Helo (one of choice)
  • Medic includes MD and prereqs (!)
  • Scout includes most scout-oriented skills including Surveillance, no Tracking though
  • Grunt is generic, gives a pilot, a WP, Nav, and Expert
City Rat (Level 1)
Computers, Basic Math
Literacy, 1 Language
Running, Surveillance, Streetwise
Pilot Automobile, Hovercycle
Basic Combat
Automatic Pistol
Skill Specialty (max 2): Communications, Domestic, Paramedic, Pilot (limited), Rogue, Technical, Weapons (melee/rifles/pistols only).
Equipment: The Bandito (30 MDC, -0%), NG-33
Spellforge wage: Dunno yet!

Generic Mages (Mystic Quarter, Tolkeen, Kingsdale)

Leyline Walker (Level 1)
Basic Math
Literacy, 2 Languages, Lore D&M + 4 Lores
Climbing, Navigation, Survival
Pilot 1 (basic piloting)
Basic Combat
No Weapon Skills
Skill Specialty (max 1): Domestic, Paramedic, Pilot (basic), Pilot Related, Rogue, Science, Combat*, Wilderness
*Combat includes basic weapon skills and an upgrade to Expert
Equipment: The Bandito, NG-33; if Combat is selected, also has an NG-L5
Spells: 3 random from each level 1-4 (12 total)
Spellforge wage: Dunno yet!

Techno-wizard (Level 1)
Radio, Computers (pr), Sensors, Basic Math
Literacy, 2 Languages
Navigation, Electrical/Mechanical/Weapons Engineer, Field Armorer, TWCS
Pilot 2 (basic)
Basic Combat
Knife, Automatic Pistol
Skill Specialty (max 1): None
Equipment: The Bandito, NG-33
Spells: All TW starting spells
Spellforge wage: 6000/mo

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