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New Hardware

This is mostly necessary to justify CS logistics vehicles, as the CS kind of doesn't have any. I'm also solidifying the stats of other non-CS logistics vehicles.

Note: All CS hover cars (Command Car, Scarab, and Skull Patrol Car) no longer exist; they really make no sense.


RPG-7 (or something)
Single-shot 105mm rocket launcher. Uses unguided mini-missile rockets.
Black Market cost: 5000 credits.

Double-Barrel Shotgun
2-shot, break action shotgun. WP: Bolt-Action Rifle required to reload (3 actions with WP, 5 without). Most are in bad shape and need a gunsmith before they will function reliably.
Range: 150 feet (if rifled, up to 900ft for very high quality)
Black Market cost: 50 credits; high quality versions may cost 20,000 credits or more

Coalition States

C-33 Particle Beam Rifle
Basically an authorized knock-off of the NG-P7. Has better ergonomics, but is internally the same gun. Black Market Cost is about 50% more than a P7.

CS Logistics Truck (CTV-015)
This is, functionally speaking, the same trucks used by the Street Kings, now in the hands of Spellforge. It's a tough, workhorse truck good for carrying troops and supplies. It has 6 wheels and can handle in a wide variety of environments.
Weight: 13,050 lbs (6.5 tons)
Crew: 3 in cab.
Cargo: 8' x 12' cargo bed; can house about 20 soldiers with full gear or up to 5000lbs (2.5 tons) of cargo. It can carry up to 5 tons, but the fuel efficiency is reduced.
MDC: 80. Armored refits have 150; this is not considered heavy vehicle armor, but is often energy-resistant. Wheels are 3 MDC (there are 6).
Max Speed: 60mph
Max Range: 650 miles (gasoline, 50 gallon tank).
Weapons: None by default; has two removable pintle mounts for light weapon turrets with roughly (not quite) 360 degree firing arcs.
Refit notes: Refits can replace the light pintle mounts with heavier box mounts for railguns.
Black Market cost: 90,000 without mods. NG and MI both produce armored variant trucks for 150k. Similar unarmored trucks can be purchased from GAW for 55k.

CS Heavy Logistics Truck (CTV-021)
Mostly the same as the CTV-015, this vehicle is not as stable or safe as its 2.5 ton counterpart. Other than the wider drivetrain and suspension, it's more or less the same vehicle, rated for 5 tons of cargo. Operators are -5% to control rolls.
Black market cost: Also 90,000 without mods. This truck is not as popular to knock-off, as most independent mercenaries don't need a five ton cargo truck.

CS Hover Patrol Armored Vehicle
This is the CS all-terrain patrol truck, mounted with a high durability hover propulsion system. They're expensive to produce, but essential to CS ground operations.
Crew: 5, plus rear bed can seat up to four more (six uncomfortably).
Cargo: About half a pickup bed; can handle about a half ton of extra weight
MDC: 250
Max Speed: 90mph
Max Range: Fusion engine with indeterminate life
Weapons: An automated weapons turret controlled from the center backseat can be mounted with any CS-standard heavy weapon, including a Hellfire plasma cannon or C40R railgun. The CTT-P20 (magazine size nerfed) is rare, but can also be used. Energy weapons feed into the fusion engine and have unlimited payloads, while the C40R can be fitted with a 1000 round drum. Other weapons, such as those used by the NGR, may be fitted as per the CS' lend-lease program.
Black Market Cost: 1.2 mil, plus weapon costs

Golden Age Weaponsmiths

GM-60C 60mm Mortar
This is an anti-infantry mortar with a long deployment range.
Weight: 40lbs
Effective range: 9000 ft
Load: 60mm mortar shells; see here for ammo cost breakdown. Note: Mortar rounds must be carried in a bag or satchel and weigh 4-8 lbs depending on explosive load (generally around 5-6lbs).
Cost: 5000c for the mortar.

GM-90S 105mm Mortar
This is a heavier mortar, but is still more of an anti-infantry weapon. It uses mostly the same mounted warheads as rockets (mostly for bookkeeping ease) with mortar propellants rather than rocket propellants.
Weight: 85lbs
Effective range: 13,000 ft
Load: 105mm mortar shells; uses rocket/MiM warheads (see here). Note: rockets and 105mm mortar shells are extremely heavy, around 8-12lbs. A rocket satchel carries two. It can also mount the 60mm chemical warheads, again, for ease of bookkeeping.
Cost: 9000 credits.

Northern Gun

An ultra-high performance laser sniper rifle. This rifle is exceptionally large, with a 29-inch barrel and a wide, high-performance emitter; the weapon's bore is 15.8 mm wide. Comes stock with a bipod and an auto-rangefinding scope. The weapon is very heavy and too long to wield from anything but a supported firing position.
Weight: 30lbs
Effective range: 3500 feet
Payload: 6 rounds per long E-Mag.
Damage: 6D6+6 MD per shot.
Rate of Fire: Single shots only; max of 4 per melee round.
WP: Automatic Rifle
Cost: 60,000 credits

A uniquely designed multi-chamber plasma ejector. It has three plasma chambers that revolve into place, giving the weapon limited automatic firing. The muzzle is slightly wider than a normal plasma ejector for better clearance between the plasma bolt and the electromagnetic rails. This weapon is too heavy to be wielded by normal humans; requires at least PS 25(n)/15(s) to be wielded at all. It can be wielded from a supported position with ease.
Weight: 45lbs
Effective range: 1200 feet
Payload: 12 rounds per long E-Mag, 24 for an E-canister. Both can be installed at the same time.
Damage: 5D6 MD per shot.
Rate of Fire: Single or 3-round burst only.
WP: Automatic Rifle
Cost: 62,000 credits

A large caliber rail rifle. It fires only single shots, but has railgun range and a good sustained rate of fire. It is well-suited to being a precision marksman's weapon, but the recoil is intense. It uses a magnetic feed to chamber each round from its small, 10-round magazine. The round is much larger than a typical railgun bullet (roughly 10x29mm) and costs 3c per round. This weapon should be fired from a supported position and comes with a bipod and a modular scope mount. PS 25(n)/15(s) can fire this weapon unsupported.
Weight: 26lbs
Effective range: 3600 feet
Payload: 10 round magazine. This weapon could be modified for a drum or extended magazine, but only 10-round mags exist.
Damage: 4D6 MD per shot.
Rate of Fire: Single shots only.
WP: Automatic Rifle
Cost: 35,500 credits

Wellington Industries (Manstique Imperium)

WI specializes in high-performance chemically-propelled armaments. Although there are some Wellington energy firearms, the primary tech WI makes is high-quality standard firearms. The rounds used in Triax pump weapons are now 12ga shotgun slugs for standardization, and also because the conventional shotgun is probably the most common MDC weapon in the world. Note that shotguns firing slugs do not get the +1 strike bonus.

Standard 12 Gauge Slug
These slugs are most suitable for training purposes. They are only manufactured to the public by Wellington, and are best used for hunting large game.
Damage: 7d6 SD per shot.
Cost: 20 credits for a box of 200.

Wellington/Triax APDS Depleted Uranium Slug
This nasty, pyrophoric compound offers the best in high energy penetration. It is a saboted projectile that penetrates armor deeply and tends to ignite. Not the best against heavy armor, but it's amazing against light armor and soft targets. Each slug is packaged in a shielded titanium casing to minimize incidental radiation exposure, but Triax and Wellington advise storing them in a radiation-shielded container, and operating them only with environmental battle armor.
Damage: 4d6 MD per shot. Deals double damage against soft targets, and an additional 1d6 fire damage on the next melee round if the slug penetrates and is not extracted. Critical hits on conventional vehicles may ignite fuel or ammunition. Although the rounds are only weakly radioactive, they may have other effects...
Range: Increases shotgun range by 50%.
Cost: 100 credits per round.

Wellington/Triax HE Shotgun Slug
This round is virtually identical to the Triax HE pump round. The standard HE, all-purpose shotgun slug.
Damage: 4d6 MD per shot. Minimal damage to heavy armor.
Cost: 15 credits per round.

Wellington Frag-12 HEAP
The absolute answer for any situation, the HEAP high-velocity slug penetrates light body armor, RPA, and of course, those supernatural menaces.
Damage: 4d6 MD per shot. Has a 6 foot blast radius (1/3 damage).
Range: Improves the range of a shotgun by 50%.
Cost: 50 credits per round.

This is a replica of the Winchester 1897 shotgun, fitted with a rifled bore to shoot Wellington high-velocity slugs. The stock is made from hardwood, while the metal components are often engraved with stylistic Old West designs. The buttstock is engraved with the WI logo, "Winchester 1897" and the weapon's serial number. WI produces only a few thousand every month; they are generally sold via merchant pre-orders where the customer has already paid for the gun. These shotguns are very high demand, due to their Old West-styled appearance.
Weight: 8lbs
Effective range: 600 feet
Payload: 5 round internal tube magazine, feeds 12-gauge shotgun slugs.
Rate of Fire: Single shot, pump-action. WP: Bolt-Action Rifle required, otherwise takes 1 action to cycle the action.
WP: Semi/Fully Automatic Rifle or Bolt-Action Rifle for firing; see note above
Cost: 20,000 credits for the factory model. A personalized, engraved 1897W can cost up to 100,000 credits.
NOTE: WI also sells a lever-action replica of the 1887 Winchester, the 1887W. It is only made via special order, and costs roughly twice as much. The 1887 breaks Aim every time the lever is cycled (unless Sharpshooting is selected), making it all-around less effective, but there are plenty of cowboys out there that do exactly that.

A civillian model pump-action shotgun, made mostly out of high quality polymer components. Wellington often has market deals where they will sell a box of 50 HE shells along with the gun for a very reduced price. A sawn-off version of the S50 costs about 50 credits more and has a 350ft range (but is concealable). Has a scope mount and bayonet lug, but cannot mount most undercarriage devices (due to the pump action). This is Wellington's best selling weapon; they produce and sell over a million units every year.
Weight: 5lbs
Effective range: 600 feet
Payload: 8 round internal tube magazine, feeds 12-gauge shotgun slugs. Holds an additional 1 round in the chamber.
Rate of Fire: Single shot, pump action (same as 1887W).
WP: Semi/Fully or Bolt Action
Cost: 500 credits; 1000 credits with a box of 50 rounds.

A military/police shotgun design with a pistol grip and an internal tube magazine, this recoil-operated weapon has no need for pump-action cycling. WI advertises it as the ultimate home defense and urban combat gun for every man, and with HEAP rounds and a skilled operator, it can take down an enemy armed with a laser rifle one for one. This weapon has a pump action as well, but the action only needs to be cycled if a round fails to eject properly. Has a scope mount and bayonet lug, the lower rails can fit a LAM or laser designator instead of a bayonet.
Weight: 6lbs
Effective range: 600ft
Payload: 10 round internal tube magazine, feeds 12-gauge shotgun slugs. Holds an additional 1 round in the chamber.
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic; pump action can also be cycled in the case of a failed ejection.
WP: Semi/Fully or Bolt Action
Cost: 3000 credits

The original Wellington shotgun, this weapon bears more than a little resemblance to the old-world AK-47. This ultra-reliable combat shotgun is well-adapted to the modern battlefield and includes a scope and lower rail mount for a variety of add-on functions.
Weight: 7lbs
Effective range: 500ft
Payload: 10 round detachable box magazine, feeds 12-gauge shotgun slugs.
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic.
WP: Semi/Fully Automatic Rifle
Cost: 11000 credits

A fully automatic slug thrower, this weapon is anything but easy to handle. It can feed either the standard S12 box magazine or a heavy 32-round drum, but the recoil on this gun is hefty and hard to handle. Still, it features heavy, high-explosive firepower and a fully-automatic package.  Comes standard with a holographic reflex sight (no magnification, +1 to strike with Aim), and can fit most undercarriage mounts. The reflex sight can be altered to accomodate an undercarriage grenade launcher. This weapon's construction requires almost zero maintenance, other than occasional maintenance of the weapon's chamber.
Weight: 11lbs
Effective range: 400ft
Payload: 10 round detachable box magazine or 32-round detachable drum. Drum takes 1 action to retain, 2 actions to reload.
Rate of Fire: Fully automatic. Burst firing is -2 without a PS of 15(n) or higher.
WP: Semi/Fully Automatic Rifle
Cost: 55,000 credits

This weapon turns any rifle with an undercarriage mount or removable handguards into a combination rifle/grenade launcher. This weapon requires either a holographic reflex sight or detachable leaf sight in order to aim properly. Installation of the grenade launcher and sight assembly typically takes 1-2 minutes, but, if a weapon has a holographic reflex sight already mounted and a lower rail assembly, it can be mounted on the rail in 4 melee actions. Some experts can mount this weapon at a frightening pace, often faster than 30 seconds, even when the leaf sight is required.
Weight: 3lbs
Effective range: 1200ft
Payload: A single 40mm grenade.
Rate of Fire: Single shot. Trained operators (WP with appropriate rifle and WP: Heavy) can reload in 1 melee action, but doing so breaks Aim. If done slower (2 melee actions), Aim can be retained.
WP: Grenade Launcher
Cost: 3000 credits; kit includes a leaf sight that will mount on most top rails.

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