Monday, August 22, 2011

Standard Features Errata

EBA Standard Features
1: Complete environmental protection. 4 hours of oxygen in hostile environments.
2: Removable visor or faceplate.
3: Integration with radio units (no default radio) with internal speaker.
4: No HUD or optics standard.
5: Multi-optics helmets have HUDs for weapon integration (see power armor) plus all the comm features above.
6: Sound muffler with broadcaster built into standard and multi-optic helmets. Standard conversation decibel range.
7: Standard helmets do not have sonic protection, but do muffle sounds a little.

Powered Armor Standard Features
1: Complete environmental protection. 8 hours of oxygen in hostile environments.
2: Radar. Max range 1 mile. Maximum tracking is 24 targets.
3: Radio. Max transmit range 10 miles. Full encryption, can transmit over wide band frequencies.
4: Heads-up display. Includes the PA's orientation and limb position, compass, active vision mode and communications interface. All HUD elements can be toggled or moved. Also displays combat computer information.
5: Optics -- Passive nightvision, FLIR, and 12x magnification (roughly 2 mile max zoom). Automatic view filter for bright light and filter to operate in high-light situations of any kind (including high infared situations).
6: Combat computer. Automatic crosshair for all integrated weapon systems and auto rangefinding. For non-standard weapon systems, includes USB uplink to external weapon optics (optic system links to HUD). Also includes automatic leading for radar-locked targets (standard, integrated, and self-guided weapons only).
7: Loudspeaker, 80 decibels. Approximately 700 foot range.
8: Self-destruct. Overloads the fusion reactor and destroys the suit. In most cases, this will destroy the suit's internals and slag most of the externals, and deal roughly 10d6 to a 10ft radius, 5d6 in a 30ft radius.

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