Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spellforge Proposed Mercenary Fees

These are the fees proposed by Lion, Brick, and Lyra (who have rode this train before) for mercenary operations. Each merc gets a 20% cut of any service they provide.

10,000 credits for deployment costs.
50 credits per fighter per day of prep or non-combat garrison.
200 credits per fighter per day of combat garrison.
1000 credits per armed fighter, per day of combat.
An additional 500 credits for specialized combat units, per day of combat. Headhunters always count; snipers count if they are tasked with covert operations, but not as line troops.
100 credits per mile of operational transport (this does not include travel to or from HQ to the op zone, only for transporting allied personnel or equipment).
50 credits per person administered basic first-aid treatment.
500 credits per person administered emergency medical treatment (up to heal wounds)
5000 credits per person administered specialized medical treatment, including advanced magic or psionics.
500,000 credits per resto or resurrection (when such treatments are available).

1000 credits per fighter for the use of any Spellforge 40mm TW munitions.
500 credits per fighter in ammunition expenses (E-Mag, SDC, .50cal or railgun ammo)
1000 credits per fighter in armor repair expenses (note: CS armor is more expensive to repair)
1000-2000 credits per fighter for the use of exotic ammunition (75H ammo, etc.)
5000 credits per shoulder-fired rocket or missile.
10,000 credits per vehicle-launched MIM rocket.
20,000 credits per COLOS short-range ballistic missile or light laser-guided bomb.
35,000 credits per laser-guided SRM.
50,000 credits per heat-seeking SRM.

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