Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Long Live the Notes

There's a wiki, but this is more fun

Angry: weapons, military
Afraid: Agility (!!!!!), Faith
Cheerful: Conversation, Athletics
Depressed: Animal, Expression
Willful: Intrigue, Lumen, military
Yielding: Demeanor, History
Pressured: Faith, Athletics
Lonely: Conversation, Medicine

By skill group:

Charisma skills
Demeanor: Yielding. Cheerful and Pressured are neutral.
Conversation: Cheerful or Lonely
Expression: Depressed. Angry has penalty. All others neutral.

Physical skills
Agility: Afraid. All others neutral.
Weapons: Angry.
Athletics: Cheerful or Pressured.
Animals: Depressed.

Int skills
History: Yielding.
Intrigue: Willful.
Medicine: Lonely.
Econ: Nothing! Willful and Pressured have penalties.
Military: Angry or Willful.

Will skills
Faith: Afraid, Yielding, or Pressured.
Lumen: Willful.

Getting Reflexes (or possibly just any Agility class) to 30 lets you train Sports

Week 1:
+1 cheerful after normal actions.
- Talking to Charlotte - +1 cheerful, -1 lonely. You have several chances to talk to her.
- Talking to Dad - +1 lonely.
I think it's worth it to rush production + trade, so we need to get into a mood for that

Week 2:
The choice here has some pretty big impacts on the rest of the game.
Sending her away +1 angry, +1 yielding
She stays +1 willful
- Talking to Charlotte - nothing if you dismiss Julianna
 or Dad - unsure

Week 3:
Your first skill test. It's a Reflexes test. Passed at 30
Raises Afraid if failed. Raises Angry if passed.
- Talked to Dad; he explains why he thinks your mother died

Week 4:
Talked to Dad, Cheerful/Yielding +1 (also adorable)

Week 5:
Duke of Sedna gift. Ugh why didn't I study foreign affairs
Foreign Affairs test, failed
Court Manners test, passed at 40, if passed...
- yes +1 willful
- no ??

Week 6:
This is new. Lore test to identify what I assume a Lumen is
- Talked to Dad to get my crystal, he said no, I got Willful for it

Week 7
Elegance test, failed
Because I failed that, I passed a reflexes test to dodge my clumsy maid
I think this may actually be bad to pass, I dunno; possibly if I pass elegance? I dunno
Talked to magic teacher, failed Divination check

Week 8
Production + trade test

Week 9
Military test; I know from spoilers that it's any military at all
Foreign Affairs test; passed at 30
Court Manners test, failed
the presence test to get the Lumen jewel is > 30

Week 10
Novan history test, passed 30
Foreign history test, passed 30
Foreign affairs test, failed
Foreign intelligence test failed
On commanding the sister to marry someone, internal affairs test failed
On offering to pay moneys, failed finance checks (I'll investigate this in another game)
I think the best option this run is to surrender the province, even if banion will be mad

Week 11
Lore test failed
Novan history test failed ?! must be 40+
Still can't get past the guards with Presence 50

Week 12
Uh I forgot what the tests were
I got engaged to Talarist
Passed armory presence test at 70

Week 13
forgot tests this week too, fuck
I pardoned the woman; I think this makes peasants like me more, no idea
I became a Lumen by talking to Selene

Week 14
Divination, Falcons failed
Failed herbs + medicine check
I should have saved, I can get in any mood I want

Week 15
No skill tests, might be event-dependent

Week 16
I chose to head the parade, but no speech; Elegance test passed at 80
Got into Willful let's rock baby

Week 17
Oh gawd grand ball I have no royal manners
Presence passed (80)
Court manners failed
Refused to dance, I have no dance skill
Court manners + flattery failed
Composure passed, I can't do anything about it, I have no fighting skills to duel him
Sense magic failed 10

Week 18
Composure passed (90)
oh gawd I am in over my head
Intrigue failed with ~30 points, passed with 70. this is the agents one; super important to pass probably
Also apparently you start with 10k gold

Week 19
Accounting failed

Week 20
Demon-possessed guy. Sense magic failed (30), but I know from previous game that he goes on a rampage if you punish him, so... pardoned

Week 21
Climbing check failed, so I reloaded to not take the check. It's probably bad for me

Week 22
Novan history fail
Internal affairs fail @80 Wtf
Passed at 100 possibly 90 >.< nothing actually important, but gave info; I chose the same either way

Week 23
Musician spy; Intrigue passed (over 190), foreign intelligence failed
Instrument + Voice passed ~60
Intrigue passed

Week 24
My agents told me Arisse plotted against me, due to my decision regarding her stepson. I sent assassins after her.

Week 25
Logistics + trade failed (below 20)
Divination failed
The assassination succeeded.

Week 26
No events

Week 27
Divination failed

Week 28
Went to the birthday party
Archery + Reflexes 100 passed! (failed at 80) YEAH I DIDN'T DIE. Also it was 100 reflexes >.>
Flattery failed FFF
Novan history failed (40), Lore failed

Week 29
Uh I got a pillow from Arisse's son. Huh.

Week 30
Divination failed, jesus

Week 31
Div failed, Deco failed
Production + Trade failed
Court manners failed, Dogs failed
Poison failed (fatal)