Monday, September 19, 2011

Spellforge Current Custom Orders

New Camelot -- Merlin

Advanced Infantry Weapon
The AIW project is an ambitious project meant to replace the plasma lance with the evolving battlefield of the 2nd century PA Its improvements over the plasma lance include specialized shots that are less effective against human and DB friendlies in the event of friendly fire incidents, but similarly effective against supernatural creatures. It will incorporate an automatic fire function and be much lighter and easier to carry than a plasma lance. A detachable bayonet will provide similar, though not necessarily equivalent melee capabilities. Upon meeting all required standards for the AIW, a contract may be granted for a close combat weapon system to be fitted to the bayonet lug.
  • Compact and easily portable -- entire length under 30 inches (750mm)
  • Lightweight -- under 4kg (8.8lbs)
  • Damage capacity should be on the low-moderate side (greater than 2d6)
  • Weapon should deal extra damage to supernatural creatures
  • Fully automatic with a cyclic rate of 500rpm or more
  • Payload of at least 15 rounds per TW charge or 30 rounds per magazine
  • Reload cost of no more than 15 mana per 15 rounds
  • Range of at least 100m, ideally 200-300m
  • Modular upper and lower rails for scope, front grip, and bayonet
  • Weapon must be highly resistant to wear and moisture damage
  • Easy to break down, clean, and reassemble; should also be easy to perform maintenance on with minimal need for expensive replacement parts
  • With no scope, iron sights should include adjustable front and rear sights; rear sight should have elevation settings for up to 300m and +/- 30 MOA windage, minimum; front sight should be adjustable for +/- 25 MOA elevation. Both front sight elevation and rear sight windage should be spaced in 1 MOA increments.
Designated Marksman/Sniper Weapon
The DMSW has a different list of requirements, due to its focus on accuracy at long distances. It is an infantry support weapon, not a true "sniper rifle" and will typically be deployed in infantry companies.
  • Range exceeding 500m
  • Damage should be able to penetrate 30mm of steel (5d6 or greater)
  • Must be equipped with a folding bipod
  • Superior glass scope with 4-8x magnification (+1)
  • Free-floating barrel
  • Minimal moving parts; preferred manual action rather than any machine-triggered action
  • Weight under 7kg including bipod and scope
  • Payload of at least 3 shots
  • Mana cost of no more than 15 per 3 shots, or no less than a 5 round magazine
  • As the AIW: easy to maintain, repair, resistant to wear and moisture damage
Banishment grenade
Marketing of the banishment grenade has encouraged Merlin to request a dozen working prototypes for demonstration purposes. The prototypes should be hand-thrown.

Tear gas grenades
Likewise, Merlin wishes to test the effectiveness of tear gas grenades against supernatural enemies. He requests a dozen prototype units; upon initial positive results he may wish to procure more. These grenades should be hand-thrown.

Body Armor
The slow acquisition of body armor for the army has led Merlin to seek outside contractors. Mana is in short supply for regular army troops, who typically only have enough mana to reload their lance or rifle a few times. Thus, Merlin wishes to procure a low-cost, low-mana body armor that provides moderate protection.
  • Heavy version of body armor should be able to withstand direct hits from HEDP grenades (65 MDC+)
  • Light version of body armor should be more than adequate to resist sustained automatic weapons fire for short periods (45 MDC+)
  • All body armor should be fully environmental including heat, cold, toxin, biological and radiation.
  • Short-range encrypted radio with at least 1 mile range. Must be autonomous without need for a radio base station. Radio should be able to operate for up to 72 hours without needing recharging.
  • Armor should not be made out of metal if possible.
  • Heavy armor should weigh less than 9kg.
  • Light armor should weigh less than 6kg.
  • The only TW function desired is light protection; ideally enough to give a soldier some cover at minimal expense (20-30 MDC). Mana cost should be 5 or less.
  • Helmet must support a variety of modular helmets, including non-SF-constructed TW helmets.

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