Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rifts Psionics errata

Oh em eff gee. I have avoided this post for a long time.

Nega-Psychic: Automatically saves versus most psychic effects without needing to spend mana.

Psi-Tech (and variants): Passive telemechanics gives the base bonus from Telemechanics. Additionally, the Psi-Tech gains a 33% bonus to speed when taking any driving actions to accelerate (20mph for every 15).


Bio-regeneration: Restores 5d6 health per use. Can be used once per minute.

Exorcism: This works on all forms of possession. It does not work on symbiotes, but does work on MPO.

Healing Touch: Restores 2d6 health per use. Activation time is still 2 minutes. Can only be used once per injury.

Increased Healing: Healing speed is increased to 20 health per day. Healing effects on the character heal an extra D6 of health.

Induce Sleep: Involuntary sleep can be used as long as the person is not on any sort of brain-altering stimulant chemicals such as adrenaline or meth. Other chemicals that are light stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine provide bonuses to save up to +3 (in addition to the normal +5) making sleep induction for them hard.

Psychic Surgery: This adds +30% to an existing paramedic or medical doctor skill but does not grant the skills to perform any sort of complex surgeries. Using this power without the paramedic or medical doctor skills is not recommended.


Alter Aura: This ability interferes with any sort of supernatural sense, but cannot hide base mana or ISP from magic sense or a similar sense. It will cloud spell abilities such as detect magic, but not detect psionics (because a psychic power is in use).

Deaden Senses: This ability gives the bonus to everyone attempting the listed skills against the victim, not just the psychic. The bonus is increased to +20%.

Ectoplasmic Disguise: Maintenance of this ability does not impede skill performance, but it increases the time needed by 50%. Physical skills like backflips are basically impossible and combat is impossible. The disguise looks perfect though; it "holds up" under scrutiny, unless supernatural senses are present.

Impervious to Fire: All fire deals no damage.

Levitation: This cannot be used on living things, other than plants and the caster.

Summon Inner Strength: This power resists the effects of inhibiting debuffs. The debuffs are still present, but count down and don't take effect while SIS is active.
  • All psionic debuffs, including mind bleeder debuffs
  • All sleep effects if applied before the sleep occurs
  • Stun and daze type effects such as befuddle, swirling lights or northern lights
  • All sonic debuffs and similar "headache" debuffs (magical or otherwise)
  • Chilling type cold debuffs such as orb of cold or circle of cold
  • Sickness type debuffs such as stench of hades or many magical poisons
  • All sense-diminishing powers (not effective against 100% blinds or silences, nor environmental problems like smoke, loud noises, or leylines)
  • Agony and other pain-type debuffs are reduced by half

TM Operation, Possession, Paralysis: The wielder of the device can make a saving throw to resist the effects of these powers. If it has multiple operators (such as a vehicle with comms/nav/gunner/pilot) the operator with the best saving throw is used. AIs use 15, 12, or 10 depending on sophistication with no other bonuses.

TM Possession: In order to cancel the possession, the psychic's body must be within active range of the power. Additionally, the possessed device cannot go more than 5000 feet + 1000 feet per level of the psychic's experience or the ability is cancelled. If the ability is cancelled remotely (via distance or the power expiring) the psychic takes 1d4 minutes to get to his real body.

Telemechanics: +1 APM and +1 on combat rolls while operating devices to which Telemechanics applies. If the relevant skill is known, Telemechanics provides a +20% bonus if the skill is above 60%, otherwise set to 80% as normal.

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