Monday, September 12, 2011

Helpful Tips on magic for shamans

Fire Level 1
Blinding Flash -- A good control effect for very cheap, but easy to find. A staple spell that everyone should have.
Create Coal -- At level 1, it creates fossil fuel for burning. Has a lot of potential uses, especially for providing fuel for low-income people. It's a really neat spell.
Fiery Touch -- A must-have. It's a class-defining spell. This should be cast before any sort of melee combat.
Fire Bolt -- Most notable because it's level 1, making firebolt TW weapons very cheap.

Fire Level 2
Cloud of Ash -- Creates a teargas like effect, although not as good as tear gas. Good but skippable.
Darkness -- Magical darkness that beats passive nightvision spells or abilities. Probably not as good as smoke spells or grenades overall though.
Heat Object -- A good utility spell for cooking.
Spontaneous Combustion -- A good way to make non-magic fire, which is nice for... certain other effects.
Swirling Lights -- Probably the main bread and butter control spell for fire warlocks. Short range but incredibly good.

Fire Level 3
Circle of Flame -- Pretty good area denial spell. Better than the wizard version in every way.
Fireball -- With a blast radius and huge damage, this is kind of scary.
Wall of Flame -- Also pretty good area denial spell.

Fire Level 4
Cloud of Steam -- A better teargas type spell than Cloud of Ash.
Fire Blossom -- A grantable object to set things on fire.
Flame Friend -- A fire pet who can fight for you.
Cauterize/Heal Burns -- The only healing spell in Fire.
Mini-Fireballs -- A strong buff that can be used in self-defense if you find yourself unarmed.
See Through Smoke -- Infrared vision at long range is good, even if you have infrared radar.

Fire Level 5
Blue Flame -- A huge area high damage nuke. Does a ton of cold damage.
Eat Fire -- Allows you to survive without food by eating fire.
Fire Globe -- A grantable napalm grenade. Wow!
Screaming Wall of Flame -- A spell too good for words. The best warlock area denial.
Wall of Ice -- Kind of high level for this kind of spell, but a very sturdy barrier that is hard to get past.

Fire Level 6
Dancing Fires -- Summons a lot of little flame pets that tear enemies up.
Flame of Life -- It's a heal and a rez! What else is there to say?
Fire Whip -- The damage on this spell is ridiculous. A great close combat weapon.

Fire Level 7
Fire Sponge -- Lets you absorb fires and unleash a mega-powerful flaming blast. Very short range, though.
Melt Metal -- This spell ruins anyone with metal armor and does tons of damage to vehicles. Absolutely frightening.
River of Lava -- Probably the strongest spell in Fire. Probably needs to be nerfed.
Ten Foot Wheel of Fire -- A gigantic fiery wheel of doom that you control. Causes massive amounts of chaos and destruction.

Fire Level 8
All 3 spells in this level are good~

Shaman Level 1
You don't actually have a choice here as there are only 2 spells

Shaman Level 2
All 3 spells in this level are pretty decent, Animal Speech is kind of must-have

Shaman Level 3
Animal Companion -- Gives you a pet animal friend! Permanent and can be recast!
The other two spells are decent, not amazing

Shaman Level 4
Ears of the Wolf -- Gives you super hearing!
Spirit Paint -- Provides some bonuses to combat and hunting skills

Shaman Level 5
Totem Gift -- Must have! Empowers you with your totem's bonuses

Shaman Level 6
...they pretty much all suck

Shaman Level 7
Spirit's Blessing (Animal) -- Makes your mounts or pets MDC

Shaman Level 8
Only 2 picks and both are pretty awesome

Shaman Level 10
Only 2 choices and again, both are great

Shaman Level 11
...3 choices, all are awesome... you probably won't get any of these though

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