Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brit's character -- Fire Elemental Shaman


IQ -- 10
ME -- 12
MA -- 4
PS -- 12
PP -- 30 (+4 while using Totem Gift)
PE -- 25
PB -- 10
SPD -- 30 (+50 while using Totem Gift)

Derived Values

HP -- 58 (+1d6 per level)
SDC -- 60
Mana -- 141 (+2d6 per level)
ISP -- 0

Actions per Melee: 7 (+1 with Totem Gift)
Initiative bonus: +1
Dodge bonus: +16 (+4 with Totem Gift)
Parry bonus (normal): +14
Parry bonus (knife): +17
Parry bonus (polearm): +16
Strike bonus (normal): +10 (+2 with Totem Gift)
Strike bonus (knife): +12 (+2 with Totem Gift)
Strike bonus (polearm): +12 (+2 with Totem Gift)
Strike bonus (rifle, single shot):  +7 (+2 with Sniper)
Strike bonus (rifle, burst firing): +5
Strike bonus (rifle, aiming bonus): +5 (+1 with Totem Gift)
Strike bonus (handgun, single shot): +4 (+2 with Sniper)

Roll with punch bonus: +7
Save vs. HF: +3
Save vs. all magic: +2
Save vs. possession: +4

Special Actions and Abilities

Sniper: When using a two-handed rifle or shotgun, the Shaman gets a bonus of +2 to strike on single shots if she does not move during her turn. If she is attacked by an enemy, she loses this bonus until the next melee round. She may also use this power with a handgun, but only if it is equipped with a shoulder stock.

Quick Recharge: The Shaman can, once per turn, instantly reload any TW rifle or shotgun she is wielding as a free action.

Grapple: The Shaman is an expert grappler. She may tackle, takedown, or throw her opponent and can turn a grapple into a pin or hold. She may also turn a pin or hold into a choke or joint lock. She gets her unarmed strike bonus (currently +10/+12) in addition to her PS modifier (currently +0) in any grappling contest. On a natural 18, 19, or 20, any unarmed hand attack or grapple may immediately pin the enemy. This must be declared before the dice are rolled and overwrites any critical hits or knockout attacks.

Knockout: The Shaman can knock her opponent out with fists, kicks or blunt weapons if she scores a natural 20 to hit. This ability does not have to be declared on her strike roll.

Ignite Fire: The Shaman can ignite a small fire by spending 2 mana and concentrating. If the fire is touching combustible material, the fire will spread as a normal fire would.

Fire Resistance: The Shaman is immune to all heat and fire damage, including exposure to high temperature. This does not give the same resistance to her equipment, nor does it confer any other resistances, such as radiation or kinetic energy resistance (eg. conventional and nuclear explosives are still deadly).

Heat Detection: The Shaman can detect infrared radiation from warm objects. This power does not work through solid objects, but it is always active unless the Shaman is asleep. This power does not grant the Shaman thermal vision, but rather a sixth "thermal" sense.
  • At great distances (1 mile or more) the Shaman can detect large fires due to the large amount of hot air and smoke elevating above the fire. The larger the fire, the greater the distance that can be detected.
  • Smaller fires (medium-sized campfire or bonfire) can still be detected within a 1 mile distance. The exact location is not known but a general direction can be established.
  • Running vehicles or large groups of people or animals can be detected at roughly 2000 feet. At this distance, the Shaman is only -5 to strike at these targets even if she is otherwise blinded.
  • Human-sized targets can be detected at 1000 feet or less. At this distance, the Shaman is -5 to strike them if she is blinded.
  • At 100 feet or less, the Shaman can detect infrared radiation as a second sight and suffers no blindness penalties, except in high ambient heat situations or when the target has no thermal signature.
Sense Elementals: The Shaman can recognize any Elemental creature by sight, including Spirits of Light, Elemental Spirits, True Elementals or Elemental fragments. The Shaman can also sense the presence of an elemental creature within a 120 foot radius around her, although she cannot pinpoint a location without other forms of detection.

Summon Elemental Spirits: The Shaman may summon a Lesser Elemental Spirit of Fire who will assist her. She has a 45% chance for a summoning to be successful. The spirit will assist her with her current task until it is completed. The success chance is increased by 10% at a leyline or 20% at a nexus point. She gains +5% to her summon chance for each level of experience.

Vulnerability to Stone: The Shaman is vulnerable to stone weapons of any kind, both normal and magical. She takes double damage from them. If she is in an MDC form, SD stone weapons deal their base damage in MD.

Numbers in parentheses are the gains from each level-up.

Language: Native Tribal -- 128% (+5)
Literacy: Native Tribal -- 128% (+5)
Language: American -- 128% (+5)
Literacy: American -- 60% (+5)
Language: Spanish -- 90% (+5)
Language: Elven/Dragonese -- 90% (+5)
Language: Elemental -- 48% (+3)

Class Skills
Basic Math -- 95% (+5)
Horsemanship: Exotic -- 70%/60% (+5) (note: -10% to ride normal animals)
Dancing (professional) -- 70% (+5)
Singing (professional) -- 75% (+5)
Cooking (professional) -- 80% (+5)
Preserve Food -- 65% (+5)
Prowl -- 65% (+5)
Wilderness Survival -- 80% (+5)
Lore: Native Americans -- 65% (+5)
Lore: Animals -- 70% (+5)
Trap Construction -- 44% (+4)
Tracking -- 60% (+5)
Camouflage-- 50% (+5)
Sense of Balance -- 90% (+5)
Climbing -- 40% (+0)

Secondary Skills
Pilot Motor Boat -- 85% (+5)
Sewing -- 70% (+5)
Skin and Prepare Hides -- 65% (+5)
Land Navigation -- 60% (+4)
Navigation -- 70% (+5)
First Aid -- 75% (+5)
Swimming -- 80% (+5)
Radio: Basic -- 75% (+5)
Horsemanship: General -- 70/50% (+5)

Physical and Combat Skills
Hand to Hand: Expert
WP: Semi and Fully Automatic Rifle (Sharpshooting)
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Knife
WP: Polearm
WP: Flail

Magic and Spell Knowledge

Level 1 Fire (spell level 1)
Cloud of Smoke (2)
- 30ft diameter burst of smoke
Fiery Touch (5)
- Buffs self with fiery aura, adds +1d6 to hand to hand attacks
Fire Bolt (4)
- Medium ranged blast of fire, 4d6

Level 2 Fire (spell level 3)
Heat Object (4)
- Heats an object, generally used for cooking; long cast time
Resist Cold (5)
- Buffs with 100% cold resistance (doesn't prevent damage from cold-based physical weapons)
Swirling Lights (8)
- 60 foot long, 10 foot diameter column of bright light from hands; dazes enemies who fail their save

Level 3 Fire (spell level 5)
Circle of Flame (10)
- Starts a SD or MD magical flame at target location; 4d6 damage if passing through
Extinguish Fire (8)
- Cancels a large area of fire, can't extinguish magic fire.
Fireball (10)
- 90 foot range, 15 foot radius splash fireball, dealing 1d6+1 per caster level (eg 6d6+6 at level 6)
Fire Gout (10)
- 30/level foot long stream of fire (eg. 180ft at level 6), deals 6d6 +1/caster level (eg. 6d6+6 at level 6) and suppresses enemy as long as stream is maintained, up to 1 turn (2 seconds). Can hit multiple enemies in a small arc.
Part Fire (8)
- Cuts a small path through fire or deflects fire attacks.

Level 4 Fire (spell level 7)

Cauterize (15)
- Burns wounds closed, preventing bleeding and healing 4d6 health. Can only be cast once per injury.
Flame Friend (20) (ritual)
- Summons a powerful fiery creature to fight for you. He has 3 APM, is +2 on combat rolls. He is immune to energy attacks, has 50 MDC and deals 2d6 physical melee damage, +1d6 from fiery touch.
Fuel Flame (10)
- Triples the size and power of a fire.
Mini-Fireballs (20)
- Buffs self to throw medium-range bursts of fire, dealing 3d6 +2 per caster level (3d6+12 at level 6).
See Through Smoke (12)
- See through smoke effects and gain the infrared vision ability.

Level 5 Fire (spell level 9)

Blue Flame (30)
- A massive radius attack spell, dealing 1d6+3 per caster level (6d6+18 at level 6) cold damage.
Fire Globe (20) (ritual)
- A grantable fire explosive that deals 5d6 damage, +5d6 per round. Generally kills anything it hits if allowed to burn. The magical napalm can be extinguished with normal or magical countermeasures.
Screaming Wall of Flame (30)
- Creates a soul-devouring wall of rape. The wall has a fear effect (hf16) to anyone that comes near it.

Level 6 Fire (spell level 11)

Dancing Fires (35)
Creates 1 little fire buddy per caster level. Each one has 2 APM and deals 1d6 MD, has 20 MDC and has +2 to combat rolls. They are immune to energy and physical attacks; magic, ice, psionic, and water attacks are effective.
Flame of Life (40)
- Restores a character from coma to sustainable health. Can resurrect dead characters with 50 +3/level chance.
Flame Whip (30)
- A self buff, creates a nasty whip that deals 4d6+1d6 per level. +1 to strike and has 6ft + 1ft range per caster level.

Level 1 Shaman

Dowsing (6)
- Find water.
Nose of the Wolf (4)
- Greatly increases sense of smell, roughly equal to a dog or wolf.

Level 2 Shaman

Animal Speech (5)
- Grants the temporary ability to speak with animals.
Contact Spirits (8)
- Enters a trance to ask the spirits questions.
Spirit Quest (5)
- Enters the Astral Domain of the Spirits to ask for favors.

Level 3 Shaman

Animal Companion (20)
- Summons an animal (non-supernatural) to aid the spellcaster as a long-term pet.

Level 4 Shaman

Ears of the Wolf (10)
- Grants self superhuman, canine-like hearing.
Spirit Paint (10/20)
- Enchants self or allies with hunting or war paint.

Level 5 Shaman

Metamorphosis: Hummingbird (18)
- A very long-term enchantment that allows the caster to transform into a hummingbird.
Totem Gift (12)
- Grants totem animal powers (listed in character section) for 30 seconds per caster level.

Level 6 Shaman

Plant Travel (25)
- Travels at 6mph, relaxing. Can carry the caster with gear, but cannot carry gear alone.

Level 7 Shaman

Spirit Blessing: Animal (20)
- Changes an SDC animal's health into MDC health, and boosts maximum health by 30%. 2 minutes per caster level. Also changes natural weapons into MD natural weapons, but does not grant supernatural PS.


  1. 2D6 Physical Damage + Poison

    Poison: 4d6 + Paralysis (2d4min)

  2. Brit has gained total of 3,825 XP to date.
    Her total is currently 29,346 XP.
    To reach the next level, she requires 6,174 more XP.

  3. +1wk training to Literacy: Spanish.
    +400 XP for today's session.

  4. +3 days training to Literacy: Spanish.
    +225 XP for today's session.

  5. +3 days training to Literacy: Spanish.
    +475 XP for today's session. (Credit to team!)

  6. +200 XP for today's session
    +2 days skill training