Friday, September 7, 2012

In crazy dream

Another weird dream time!

So naturally, the first crazy dream I've had in a while. Sorry, you're not in it. In fact, the only person I know that I recognized in my dream was Calen White, who a few of you might know and I have no idea why he would be in this dream because we don't really talk. He played no real major role.

So, for whatever reason, I'm in the military on this remote island complex. We're in some research facility with a bunch of civillians and I'm one of the military guys that has no idea what is going on.

One of the civillians comes to me and gives me an object; a device, which I later learn is a detonator, with a box and a key. I'm not 100% sure he gave me the box, I might have had that on my own but either way, the detonator gets locked in the box and placed in my personal storage space. I keep the key on me, along with another key that opens a different box on my person. The different box has a replacement set of glasses in it. Note the box is fairly small, eg. size of glasses case. It's fairly clear, either way, that the detonator thing needs to be kept out of the military's hands, probably due to some corrupt officers or corrupt government potentially abusing it.

Either way, I form a small group of informed conspiracy theorists, including Calen, which form as our cadre to find out what the military is up to. As far as I know, I'm the only one who knows about the box and the detonator. The military guys do a search of the base and I'm found with the fake key, but I tell them what it's for (my glasses case) and they are like ok. They do not find the real box, but do see the real key, but don't ask about it.

We discover some purple substance, which we assume to be moldable, crystalline explosive. Actually, this is when we assume that the thing is a detonator. There's a fair bit of stuff that goes on after this point, as the government/military guys are sure there's an insider (due to missing stuff) and go on full alert, while we continue to search for what the big issue is and subvert it.

At some point, the bulk of the crystalline substance explodes in the lab when the government guys forcibly induce it with some unknown process that we don't learn. I am clued into the fact that the situation is extremely dangerous and bunker up in the motor pool area, which has its own blast doors. All of my subversive group, many civillians and some regular soldiers also gather there.

The explosion is so powerful that it blows through the first set of blast doors in the lab and literally kills everyone in the lab area, including those people thought safe in the observation area. It also explodes upwards and downwards, killing everyone above and below the labs too. The explosion is so intense that we feel the heat inside the motor pool and it heats our blast door, though it does not weld it shut or penetrate it. We are not the only survivors in the complex, as some people are in other safe rooms and some people are outside. However, we fear that the explosion is radioactive, so going into the wreckage (which is still also mega hot) is a big no-no.

We begin a survival mission to try and gather supplies from outside the base. Some conspirators are clearly in the motor pool and are worried about the state of the experiment, but we quiet them because we are worried about survival. FYI, I say they are conspirators because I assumed they were, but I had no information except that they were worried about the experiment.

I think the explosion also exploded my substance, and I may have worried that someone else had the detonator, but I definitely still have the key and the detonator is still in my hidden storage, locked in its box (I check.)

Either way, drama happens where we continue to try and discover what the conspiracy is, but the mystery is never revealed. We try to adventure into the wreckage with NBC suits, but I'm not sure we discovered anything other than how powerful the explosive substance was.

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