Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If I were patching Soku...

623 Ascension Kick: Level 1+ gains startup invincibility, rather than MAX
412 Dimensional Rift: Level 2+ Button can be held to fake the attack; recovers quickly
623 Sliding Ascension Kick: First kick is a graze attack with startup graze (all levels)

66B: Now a melee attack.
623 Busky Sweeper: Now a melee attack; hitbox slightly larger
214 Up Sweeper: Now a melee attack.
Star Sign "Gravity Beat": Startup shorter, striking hitbox wider; hits low to the ground.
Perversion "Sure-Fire Master Spark": Startup slightly reduced; still basically impossible to combo, but some new CH or monsoon combos become possible

No idea on Alice, tbh
B bullets: Linger slightly if Alice jump cancels
623 Volatile Doll: Buffed in some way, iuno; probably same at level 0
623 Doll Cremation: Probably buffed in some way, iuno

B bullets: 1f more hitstun; proration reduced.
Tengu Drum: All followups possible at level 2, possibly level 1

j2A: Bullet cancel window slightly later (?)
6C: reduce spirit damage per knife
236 Magic Star Sword: Throws fewer knives at level 0; gains the lost knives at Level 2
no good way to fix her other than to buff everyone else.

6A: Hitbox extends to the stage floor and slightly above Youmu's sword; can't crouch it anymore
j2A: Now special cancellable
236 Netherworld Reflection Slash: Bullets created (the Youmu bullets) move much faster (like 2x)
214 Slash of Life and Death: Can cancel either version into subsequent hits as soon as the move connects
unsure of what to do about Youmu without making her totally broken
22 Medium's Bind: Very high bullet "HP;" will pass through dense bullets and still hit, and will eat most non-dense bulets.
Youmu needs moar buffz tho; possibly increase hit/blockstun on B bullets, B bullet travel speed or make her DP slightly safer; unsure

no changes probably

6C: HJC/fly/airdash cancel window 1-2f later. Super/special cancel window still the same.
623 Dance of the Butterfly Dream: ~2f slower recovery.
623 Reverse Screens: Creates a few butterfly bullets that hit in front of Yuyuko as well as her normal trail

Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir": Hits more reliably on a cornered opponent (travels slower on hit/block)

probably needs some buffs, but I dunno what to add

2B: Hits high and takes one orb on wrongblock. Guardcrushes when charged if blocked low.
Spectre - Dense:  Level 2 C version and up have startup superarmor; Level 0-1 have it on frame 8. More superarmor overall. B version gets startup superarmor at Level MAX.
Gnome - Dense: Can be airdash/fly cancelled shortly after Suika reaches the peak of her bounce.
Foot Bellows: needs buff badly
Gnome - Thin: One wisp always travels in a predictable location. Wisps last much longer. Has late highjump and backdash cancel window (rather than none).
Four Devas Arcanum "Demolition in Three Steps": Superarmor at startup and throughout entire move.
Will-o-wisp "Superdense Conflagration": Faster recovery.

no changes
my personal changes would remove all 623 moves and make Undersense Break a 22 special

Wisps: All explosion wisps now home in slightly on the opponent. All wisps last 4 seconds.
Dead spots on various 5AAAA hits reduced or removed.
All aerial normals: Startup very slightly reduced (~1f for most; 2f for j2A)
5C: Comes out faster, cancellable earlier, travels slightly faster, hits more times.
2C: Comes out faster, cancellable earlier.
66B: Now special cancellable (CONTROVERSIAL!)
214 Floating Spirits of the Indolent Dead: Can have more than one use of this card onscreen at a time.
623 Bound Spirits of the Earth: Wisps hit on the way up.
214 Scythe of Exorcism: Now melee. B version has no dead spot.
22 The Endless Way: Startup much shorter; to the point of "bad but almost useful"
22 Taste of Death: Drains 2 orbs if blocked low; recovery reduced (safer on high block, though still unsafe)
These changes probably put Komachi somewhere highish on the tiers; definitely not slumming in low tier anymore.

Melee specials more unsafe on block
236 Dragonfish, the Able Swimmer: Much faster startup.

probably totally fine

No idea on Sanae; she needs huge buffs to anything not her meta playstyle

j2A: Hits much further in front of Cirno and directly below her (can cross up)
j5A: Larger frontal hitbox; possibly add an ice graphic to her punch to make it visually bigger
5C: Counterhit freezes enemy in place rather than bouncing (only on initial counter).
66B: Is special cancellable.
Generally increase damage.
Cirno just needs a lot of work, but too much work would definitely make her too good. I think the 5C counterhit change makes her tons better, though it doesn't make her more interesting.

6A: China dashes forward slightly more while doing her slam. Same speed.
j2A: Startup reduced to within 1-2 frames of j6A
236 Fragrant Wave: Startup reduced; relative startups still the same (B version fast, C version slow). C version huge advantage on block.
623 Scarlet Cannon: Horizontal hitbox slightly improved.
214 Spiral Light Steps: Startup much faster; grazes during latter frames of the "stomp" rather than only during the dash. B and C versions start up at the same speed.
22 Yellow Tremor Kick: Charged version guardcrushes if blocked high.
214 Descending Flower Slam: Both kicks graze for entire duration.
These changes are much too conservative (esp compared to Komachi) but I don't have a good sense of what is broken with China.

No idea. My guess is that she needs midscreen help and is too easy to rush down, but iuno what to do about her. She has so many awful matchups that my guess is she just loses in melee fights and can't start momentum easily. I'd probably add some Yuyuko-like traits to her (faster 22 or something) but I dunno even where to start with Suwako.

Airdash: Startup reduced. Still laggy compared to a normal character.
6A: Hits further away; probably creates an explosion on the ground (so you can actually see it hits low)
j2A: Comes out faster, bullet cancels faster.
6B: Orbit bullets mega-dense, beat virtually all non-laser bullets (Okuu 5C can beat it, and Reisen C bullets still destroy it due to followup explosions hitting the core). Cancel time reduced.
236 Ground Melt: Explosions occur sooner; they start as the laser is painting the end of the trail.
623 Rocket Dive: Always has the 5f initial hit, even at level 1; flames are wider and bullets instead of melee, grazes after 27f initial startup
236 Radiant Blade: Has an initial short-ranged melee hit, does more damage.
Has something that makes the vs. Sakuya matchup not impossible

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