Monday, October 17, 2016

Recettear LETS GO

So apparently my saves weren't updated to Steam Cloud and of course I want to get Arma someday maybe. So this run will be the same as last run but better logged. So my goals are:

1: never live in a cardboard box
2: get Tielle's true card
3: avoid dungeon fatigue (no 30+ floor runs)
4: beat obsidian tower (unless it ends up conflicting with the other goals, it shouldn't)

  • tutorial stuff, boring.
  • holy shit the story is a parody of DQ3 I forgot
  • either way i shop for gear for Louie for tutorial dungeon rather than getting stock
  • just pinned the walnut bread sale /gg
  • ended 162 pix, ML1
  • adventure time
  • i bought a longsword and wooden armband ahead of time, unsure if it's ideal buy
  • it's not, armband takes his shield slot, screw that, either way longsword is nice
  • longsword buy is definitely ideal, he has good enough defense and enemy HP is too high
  • let's just say Louie paid for the longsword. a lot of "free" loot for D2.
  • I screwed up and wasted P3 being dumb
  • sold P4 holy crap I made money
  • ended 2354 pix, ML2.
  • I want to go to Jade Way, but I should wait for ML increases to get new stock upgrades. Also honestly I have a lot of inventory to flip. Some of it is T3 and thus probably unsellable until the NPCs increase their wallet sizes
  • sold p1-2, sold enough that I decided to try Jade Way 1-10
  • don't have a longsword (or any gear for Louie at all) so this is probably a mistake
  • boss slime hit pretty hard and I got hit way too many times because I'm bad
  • 6f got a silk clothes, huge def increase, let's go - oh btw I have 8hp and I'm too cheap to use my healing items
  • whew leveled on 6f, full HP/SP after going to 7HP
  • Mouse boss time. Quite easy due to a simple gimmick. Took almost no damage.
  • Due to my currently incredible drops, I'm continuing on; I have plenty of heal items and decent gear.
  • Got a shell chestpiece on 13f. Most of my items are better than the best buyable gear at this point. Definitely worth staying, though my items might be hard to sell since most customers won't be able to buy them (I have multiple items over 5k)
  • More money and stuff, level 17 right before 15F
  • Louie vs Charme - ROUND 1: Charme is pretty dangerous and aggressive. Louie's sword is longer than her knife, though, and if your timing is good you can just swat her away as she approaches. Once she gets damaged a bit she goes for Flame Charge but it is unsafe and Louie can easily hit her back. I took some damage and used one egg toast to heal, but nothing serious. I needed an item slot for the Very Large Vase anyway. Jade Way clear!
  • Ended 5785 pix, ML3. Louie is level 17.
  • Got so much stuff I need to sell really bad. Also my ML needs increasing, big time.
  • Unfortunately Guild Master wanted "armor" and my shell chestpiece was too expensive even at a discount (2400 pix). It's gonna be a while before I can sell all this high quality loot.
  • Louie comes in asking for a weapon. I know he's poor, but I've got this Knight Blade... ended up selling it to him for 1800 pix (less than 25%). It's an investment right? RIGHT?
  • Sold a lot.
  • Ended 23k pix, ML6 (well past first shop item breakpoint)
  • Still selling. Tons of inventory.
  • Ended 26.9k pix, ML8.
  • I head out to the market in the morning, do some events and grab some reserve stock to hit orders that people placed on D5 plus some other stuff to fill out the store inventory. Fused a survival knife from the Fin Fan I got in Jade Way too, which will be nice for later.
  • Sold sold sold.
  • Got Charme's adventurer card. We don't have armor for her (it sold) but we do have the survival knife. We'll pick up some armor on D7 but we won't adventure until at least D8.
  • Ended 33.9k pix, ML9.
  • Checking our pending orders first, we have orders for 2 hats and 2 bracelets. The 2 hats order is an Old Man order and he has a wallet of at least 6k/item, so we'll go shop in the morning to pick up some more spare inventory and make as much bank as we can off that order.
  • Also we see an event in town square for the next dungeon.
  • Cailou also comes asking about his order, but he can go fuck himself
  • We sell a bunch. I can't fill the hat or bracelet orders with high value stuff (the Guild is sold out) so we have to settle for lower quality items.
  • Amber Garden gets unlocked.
  • Ended 21.3k pix, ML12 (!)
  • It's rent day but store expansion AND new items are available thanks to my rapid increase in ML. We'll have to wait until D9 to adventure with Charme I think.
  • We go shopping to pick up some new stock and the store expansion.
  • In the end we just pick up some new gear for Charme and the expansion. I'm really poor so I have to make almost 9k in sales today or I die.
  • Also wow, Old Venders are available in the market. I didn't realize vending machines were available this early?
  • Selling. Charme asked for a weapon! I sell her the survival knife but even at 60% (3k) it's too expensive for her. Sad. I should have just bit the bullet and sold for 2k.
  • On the other hand, the little girl got a wallet upgrade and now has over 6k in spending money. She bought a parade armor right off the shelf. Wow.
  • Ended 21.9k pix after rent, ML13.
  • Alouette event. This game sure loves lolis.
  • Jade Way with Charme. I have a steel breastplate and the survival knife (and a hat) so it should be pretty smooth sailing.
  • I start on 6F because fuck Cailou, I'll get his stuff later
  • Charme is fast, but her attack is short. Flame Charge makes her pretty solid; before she gets it she's pretty much inferior to Louie. Flame Charge makes Louie's spin slash look tame and she gets more uses of it than he does. She also has her illusion, which is really good for some fights.
  • Reginald Drisby was easy as usual. Charme's illusions do tons of damage. He also dropped a charred lizard, which is either worth money or can be given to Cailou, whichever.
  • Met Nagi on 12F. Kind of lucky honestly; she's very random and her true card is hard to get.
  • Charme doesn't have to fight herself (you actually don't have to fight her at all after you beat her once) so we don't have a boss on 15F.
  • I basically lost money on this run, but not a whole lot; I have a lot of inventory so I only lost 1 selling period and possibly some interesting stuff at market, but not super likely. 
  • Will have to restock stuff tomorrow though, running out of expensive goods after selling.
  • Ended 63.7k, ML14. Charme is level 16.
  • News tutorial. We now can have price up/down events and booms. This is where the game becomes a bit random, but if you have 63.7k liquid on day 10 (and some inventory, just not really well-priced, high-selling stuff) it really doesn't matter that much how and when you get events.
  • I spent practically all of my money. Probably a mistake if a customer wants to sell something.
  • Charme bought a tough clothes. There's a silk clothes on display so she's definitely poor as fuck.
  • We hit ML15 so we get the vender tutorial. I need a Supervend. NEED. (not really but it'd be nice)
  • I fused an Azure Necklace and Charme bought it... after being too poor to buy the survival knife. She can't use the necklace, but it did bank me like 9k in profit (plus the cost of the charred lizard).
  • Ended 51.3k pix, ML 15.
  • Precious metals boom. We can bank a lot of sales here so I'm headed to shop for stuff. As it happens I have a lot of thankful statues, but why not turn our cash into more cash?
  • As it turns out, not enough items exist in the Guild for me to take advantage of the boom. I'll need to ramp my ML a bit today. Hopefully the boom lasts to tomorrow.
  • Price up on longswords. I don't have many and none are good. Oh well.
  • Triggered precious metal boom on P4. Sold out of precious metal items and had 3 customers leave empty-handed.
  • Ended 73.4k pix, ML16.
  • Heavy armor price up. Ouch.
  • Today might be Amber Garden day. I have an easy fill order and a lot of stock, and prices are high. I'm gonna try doing 1-15F in the evening; ML17 is more carrying capacity so I want to hit that first.
  • Charme bought a cloth cape, which fills her empty item slot. Nice-ish.
  • Amber Garden, have a Pure Edge, Steel Breastplate, Strongarm Band and the Cloth Cape that Charme bought (plus her default sandals).
  • 1F, found Nagi again. Hmm.
  • Pure Edge is really strong here. It does a ton of damage and makes the early floors pretty easy.
  • Eyebat King's laser does like 18 damage and is really painful. Flame Charge's invulnerability really helps. He doesn't last long but I still used a walnut bread to keep myself from dying because I started the fight with low HP. I end up pretty low (and no SP) going into 6F.
  • We meet Alouette a bit later (after we avert the almost dying issue). She gets 4 adventurers but we only get one! That's kind of lame. It'd be nice if we could bring a party (though it'd be a quite different game). 
  • Insect King battle! Charme absolutely destroys this battle with her kage bunshins and a quality dagger.
  • Either way, I get tired (irl) so we only get to 10F. We banked two charred lizards (that's two azure necklaces) and some moderate other loot, but nothing great. We definitely lost some money here but at least we're getting progress in Amber Garden.
  • Ended 90.8k pix, ML17. Charme is level 20.
  • Metal items price drop. This sucks since I got a bunch of swords I was hoping to sell on price hike. Longswords and heavy armor are still up. Precious metal boom ended.
  • Bought a bunch of blue price metal items.
  • Sold a lot, news changed, summary on next day.
  • Ended 67.3k pix. ML18.
  • Sweets dropped mid-day 13 (which sucked), food dropped (sweets are crashed), WEAPONS UP LET'S GO
  • A lot of my blue price purchases were armors but I did get some super discount weapons.
  • Louie bought a Knight Shield upgrade (at normal price too!) but sadly I'm gonna be using Charme for Amber Garden. Speaking of which, I need to keep trucking at it. Unfortunately I am not gaining money as fast as I'd like (I should probably have about 150-200k by now).
  • Going to do 11-20, unless I have really bad loot at 20 (I shouldn't). Same gear as last time (my ML is high enough to buy better though).
  • I keep getting things that increase enemy damage, which sucks. I also play Charme very recklessly compared to other adventurers so I end up taking a lot of damage.
  • 15F Gauntlet is easy with Flame Charge.
  • Loot finally starts dropping after 15F; 16F has some good items.
  • That said, I don't get any gear upgrades.
  • Volcanicrab battle! Like Insect King this battle is much harder in Chantelise. A lot harder! He's still dangerous in Recettear though and he backs me into a corner and forces me to heal. Charme destroys him though with kage bunshins. She's really not fair against him.
  • Ended 97.3k pix, ML19. Charme is level 27.
  • I need to shop to fill an order (I'm out of hats) but I blow it here because SUPERVENDS ARE ON SALE. Armor is up and I have stock so we should be good. Sweets are normal which means they're still down (food is still down) so I also stock up on low price food. I'll get a Supervend tomorrow.
  • Louie upgraded his helmet. I sold a ton of price up stuff. Remember how yesterday I said I should be at 150-200k? Well I guess I'm a day behind.
  • Metal items go up, screwing me out of supervends tomorrow (weapons normal but most are metal). Walnut bread also price crashes, but that doesn't affect me at all.
  • Ended 177k after rent, ML19.
  • Week 3 starts and I should have enough money by the end of W3 to pay off the remaining debt. Metal items are up so I will have to take a huge cash hit to buy a Supervend. I'll sell twice and go to dungeon today.
  • I made a mistake; I have no gear for Charme so I'll buy in P4. It will be price hiked probably, and therefore expensive. I also hit ML20 so I may want to expand.
  • Food returns to normal and there is a warm item boom. Food returning is a big relief as it's about half my current stock of items.
  • Armor hits neutral at P4 so I really need to pick up some gear for Charme.
  • I grab some stock and some armor for Charme (and a new weapon too). This is almost certainly coming at a loss (all her gear is metal) but honestly. I'm pretty rich and can afford to have luxuries. Also got the store expansion.
  • Ended 22k pix, ML20.
  • Heavy armor drops and metal becomes normal. Frustrating. Sticking with my 2-sell finish Amber Garden plan. Supervend tomorrow or die trying.
  • Louie bought a Crystal Sword, giving him the 2nd best buyable weapon. I really wish I'd stuck with him instead of using Charme, but he's a bit underleveled now (and I don't have a chobham armor to give him).
  • Charme buys Pure Edge but I have a Fullblade now. Sigh.
  • Amber Garden run to the end. I decide to stick with Pure Edge and run three defensive items (Sandwich Plate, Fairy Bracelet, and Shell Charm).
  • Charme is really tanky now. 1 damage from almost everything. Sadly Louie has nearly her DEF (not MDEF) with the gear he owns himself.
  • Met Nagi again on 24F.
  • Two Crowned Slimes this time! This is an easy battle to get careless on; just focus the small slimes and chip away at the big ones safely. They dropped a slime liver, so I guess I need to pick up a charred lizard for Cailou or something I GUESS.
  • Adventurer's Cape dropped on 26F. Not normally a big deal but it's a gear upgrade.
  • Tielle did very little damage. I took none until phase 3, then goofed around in phase 4. I did use an orange because one dropped during phase 3. Amber Garden clear!
  • Ended 82k pix, ML20. Charme is level 34.
  • I don't have enough money for a Supervend I think. I'm gonna have to liquidate some stuff. Also Tielle cutscenes. They're cute or whatever.
  • I sold a Very Odd Vase to pay for my Supervend. I have a bit left over. I also got the Elan events while shopping, unlocking him as a customer.
  • Food is up and we can't adventure (it's Sunday) so we sell after getting our Supervend. It works really nicely.
  • I might need a second Supervend to ensure everyone who comes in buys two things. I'm unsure on whether having 4 tables + 2 vendors or 5 tables + 1 vendor is ideal.
  • Ended 173k pix, ML21.
  • Euria event in square. I avoid it. There are no more Supervends for sale.
  • Selling. Tielle gave me her adventurer card. It's game time bby.
  • Ended 259k pix, ML22.

  • Tielle is already level 20, so we might be able to get away with running Amber Garden right away. Unfortunately we have no gear so we'd have to run lower floors (bad loot). I'll just shop/sell, and try to get her some gear soon.
  • Ended 231k pix, ML23.
  • Weapons are normal so I need to get a bow. Adventure tomorrow?
  • I got my second Supervend too.
  • More selling. Charme upgraded to a battle sweater (I sold my better stuff sadly).
  • Ended 274k pix, ML24.
  • I want to adventure today but I'm a bit low on stock. I have gear for Tielle (Harp Bow, Sandwich Plate, and Shell Charm) so I'll have to make do somehow selling for 2 periods. I could also adventure first and sell in the evening?
  • Made do. Tielle is godly (doing Amber 16-30).
  • Volcanicrab takes longer with Tielle, but is much easier.
  • Met Nagi for the last time on 21F. I might get her True Card instead of Tielle, as it is harder to get her to join than Tielle.
  • Also the dungeon was easy. Not much else to say.
  • Ended 256k pix after rent. ML24. Tielle is level 32.
  • Going to sell three periods then buy at night to try to unlock Obsidian Tower.
  • Louie bought Battle Boots. His gear is pretty damn good now.
  • Sold Nagi a +3 Grapes. Not a big deal except that +bonus items give their bonus towards wallet expansions, which also unlocks adventurer cards faster. I also nearpinned so she should give me her card tomorrow.
  • First Griff cutscene. This game is so cute.
  • Bought a huge amount of stock. This is basically the last time I'll be required to buy inventory, though I can always use more pix, right?
  • Ended 40k pix, ML25.
  • Same strategy as yesterday; sell during the day, shop at night for the second Griff event.
  • Weapons up. Also I bought a bunch of armor on price down and it's now neutral. Game's basically over.
  • Sold a Whalekiller and a Tuna Shanker for over 200k pix. Also just pinned it, to rub it in.
  • Nagi gave me her guild card. Nice. Immediately sold her a bracelet upgrade (at a loss), although she can use shields so she won't be using it for too long.
  • Hit ML26 too, so I can buy the final store expansion.
  • Second Griff event. Still super cute.
  • I bought stuff and got my store expansion. Honestly I don't even need to buy anymore so I just filled out some random stuff. I had well over 600k before buying and plenty of inventory.
  • Ended 406k pix, ML26. 
  • This is probably a sell all four periods day. Might adventure tomorrow with Nagi but I want to get Obsidian Tower unlocked.
  • Elan gave me his card. Like I care.
  • Once again Louie upgrades, this time his shield.
  • Nagi asks for a weapon and I have a Grand Naginata in stock. I basically give it to her.
  • I can't actually make my shop Dark enough, lol. If Griff doesn't show up I'll have to shop for deco in the morning.
  • Also I have so much space and I'm running out of junk items to just throw out. I should have bought more cheap stock just to fill requests.
    • Ended 748k pix, ML27. That's enough to beat the game.
    • Bought deco. Went crazy and bought a bunch of stock I don't need.
    • Charme asked for a weapon. I sold her a Tuna Shanker, though I had to sell low because it's downpriced.
    • Went for slightly Dark-themed store and Griff showed up.
    • Tielle asked for a weapon. I have a Harp Bow. I tried to sell it to her at 15% but she doesn't have enough money T.T
    • Charme asked for an accessory and I sold her a Wing Charm. Her gear is now pretty good too.
    • Obsidian Tower opened on P4.
    • Ended 353k pix, ML27. I'm kicking myself over that harp bow sale.
    • We're doing OT today, probably with Tielle. I don't really have enough time left to do 4 adventures with Nagi and feel good about profits.
    • Armor is up and metal items are normal so I can bank some on the low-priced stock I picked up earlier.
    • Tielle actually has an order for 2 weapons today. WE WILL SELL THAT HARP BOW.
    • Nagi replaced her fairy bracelet with a strongarm band. I could have just overcharged it but whatever, she uses shields.
    • Obsidian Tower time. Tielle is going in with a rainbow bp and a shell charm. For once I don't need to bring a weapon!
    • Tielle's gear is amazing. Best weapon (aside from grinding random chest drops from this dungeon + fusion to make a better bow) and best armor makes this pretty cake. The charm isn't the best but it's still good enough to make most magic attacks do 1 damage.
    • Samhain would be a hard fight without Tielle. Most characters would have a rough time dealing with all the stuff on the screen and hitting the boss, but Tielle can attack from long range and her stray arrows often hit annoying enemies. Obviously, Cailou would also make him quite easy.
    • Electrojelly wasn't even a fight.
    • I died to dual Eyebat King boss fight and had to restart the dungeon (always save beforehand). It's not hard but I got complacent. Watch for the lasers and use Cuterage! to dodge them if they're going to hit.
    • Either way, I eventually win. My first run had really good loot (including a Spirit-Beast Robe and a Breaker Sword) but that's what I get for dying, I guess.
    • Ended 662k pix, ML28.
    • I don't really need to buy, I have a lot of inventory. Probably should sell 2 and go back to dungeon.
    • Tielle bought a Shell Necklace. This is actually a downgrade since it fills her empty slot, which takes away an item slot that I was filling with a stronger item (shell charm).
    • More dungeon, this time 16-30 hopefully. Because Tielle has a semi-decentish accessory I switch to replacing her armband (with a Fairy Bracelet).
    • I found a Sand Charm somewhere along the way to replace her Shell Necklace.
    • Terran Golem fight! This fight really should be just Cuterage! to kill but it took a bit for me to figure out that it didn't have any weak spot. This fight was rough in Chantelise but it's the first boss iirc and it's not that bad.
    • Gauntlet is again pretty easy. We have both Starshot and Cuterage! so they can't really gang up on us.
    • 29F, a Cupid Bow dropped in a chest. This is needed to make Tellbow (Tielle's best bow before the postgame) which is pretty damn exciting. Hopefully I don't die.
    • Tielle vs Griff, ROUND 1. Running away and chipping away at his HP is the best strategy. Cuterage! gives invul to dodge his explosions, but I still took some damage. Nothing that needed healing though. He has a lot of HP though and Tielle's arrows can only hit him twice per shot, unlike most bosses.
    • Ended 769k pix, ML28. Oh yeah, Tielle is level 48.
    • It's rent day but we're still hitting OT. We have two runs left if we do 10 floors at a time, or we could do 20 in one shot. I really don't feel like doing that. As usual we're going to sell twice and then run OT again. We have the Cupid Bow which is awesome, but it'll be a while before we can make it into a Tellbow.
    • 35F has another gauntlet. Meh. It's all slimes and very easy.
    • 40F on the other hand is a double Insect King fight. Should be easier than a double Eyebat King fight? It definitely would not be for characters not named Tielle. They basically force damage (you can't get far enough away to avoid getting hit by both of them) but Tielle's Cuterage! arrows do so much damage that the battle is over quickly. For other characters you basically need to abuse Flame Charge to dash through the bosses as they attack.
    • Ended 820k pix after rent, ML28. Tielle is level 53.
    • I'm a broken record here. Sell two and then 10 floors of Obsidian Tower. Fortunately they are the last ten floors before we're done. There's no pressure to make money; as I said before, I had the money to beat the game on D25 and I have even more now. This kind of makes pix valueless except for buying deco. As it is I don't have quite enough to go crazy on buying deco (we'll work on it after finishing OT).
    • Same items. Fairy Bracelet. Rainbow Mail. Obsidian Tower. Tielle. Let's go!
    • The real Gauntlet "boss" is quite difficult. Tielle has an easier time of it due to the lengthy invulnerability on Cuterage! but he hits very hard. A missed Cuterage! hits for 20% of my HP.
    • I ended up skipping most of 49F. I am honestly getting kind of sick of dungeoning, it was an enemy defense up floor and I was really far away from a level.
    • Tielle vs Griff, ROUND 2! I died (the arm chained me into a corner). I won't be making that mistake again, I suppose. I actually tried to use an item before I died, but I was slow in realizing the beam was going to kill me.
    • Return to the tower and I rush through the floors. I still find a Salamander Shield (rare, nice?) while speeding through.
    • Tielle vs Griff, ROUND 3! I played much safer this time, and used healing items liberally anytime I was hit. I needed at least one (those lasers do close to 1/3 of my HP) but it was still pretty easy. Either way, that's the end of Obsidian Tower!
    • Ended 950k pix, ML29. Tielle is level 55.
    • Just boring old buying and selling now.
    • Fused the Salamander Shield into a Runic Defender (best non-postgame shield).
    • Ended 494k pix, ML29.
    • I should probably not buy so much stuff. 
    • I sold stuff.
    • Ended 691k pix, ML30.
    • I sold stuff.
    • Ended 1m pix, ML31.
    • Buying stuff, then selling stuff. I want to buy some expensive deco today but otherwise it's the same as every day.
    • Deco is really expensive, I spent more than I should have.
    • Elan asked for armor and got a Spirit-beast robe. As expected he paid about 25% of base price. How is Recettear going to make any money if I keep giving items away to adventurers?
    • Nagi comes in and buys a Hood's Outfit when a Sailor Suit (and a rainbow bp) are on display?!??!?! Maybe it's for a guy she likes ARGHHHHH
    • Griff gave me his adventurer card.
    • Ended 647k pix, ML32.
    • Just sold all day.
    • Tielle bought armor. She now has her rainbow bp (at just pin price).
    • Louie bought a jade shield (at price up!) I guess he paid for Elan's robe.
    • Ended 1.2m pix, ML33.
    • This is the final day of the main game, with the most expensive rent payment... so we should go SPEND A BUNCH OF MONEY (seriously I have no stock)
    • Tielle attempted to replace her rainbow bp with a sailor suit. NO. NO SALE.
    • And then Guild Master comes in and buys it for 105%.
    • Woman comes in with a Thankful Statue, and complains that she bought it, but no one ever uses it. WELL THAT IS MY LIFE I HAVE LIKE 10 OF THEM
    • Nagi asked for a Battle Sweater. Not the best item but a straight upgrade for her.
    • Ended 153k pix after rent, ML33.
    Ending thoughts:
    • A lot of this is repeated from my last thread on the subject. First, you should buy a longsword on day 1 and run the tutorial dungeon ASAP on day 2. Even if you only had an inventory full of walnut bread at the end, you'd be multiplying your net worth by 2.5. In most cases you'll multiply your net worth by 4 or 5 times at least.
    • A day 3 Jade Way run is pretty reckless. It's probably better to sell from P3 on day 2 to P3 on day 3, buy better gear for Louie in P4 and dungeon run on day 4. If you're confident in your dungeoning skills though you can do Jade Way with just a longsword. I got lucky in my run.
    • Aside from the item drop luck on day 3 my luck was extremely bad this run. Day 18 had the only real spike from selling up-price items and the rest was mostly just normal sales. Even my adventure loot was mostly bad minus the Cupid Bow and Salamander Shield.
    • Because my luck was so bad, it's pretty safe to say that this method (early first two dungeons) is pretty fool-proof. I probably spent 800k on deco, so it's safe to say that I could have ended over 1m after rent if I hadn't wasted so much money giving items to adventurers and buying deco.
    • The later dungeons are still pretty profitable. You have to grind through the first 15 floors of Amber Garden or the first 40 floors of Obsidian Tower before you get to the floors with really sick loot, and I took too long doing it on OT so the payoff wasn't worth it. Obsidian Tower is basically a postgame dungeon that you can attempt during the main game if you're already ahead of the curve. I wouldn't recommend doing OT at all if you're going for a max profit game unless you are doing NG+ or Survival where your adventurers are already leveled/geared. It's easier to go in with healing items and do it 5 floors at a time, completely ignoring profits.
    • One of the ways I "balanced" my dungeon runs is by doing them when I already had a fair bit of stock to sell without buying in the morning (or at night on the previous day). Technically I could have done a little better by doing the dungeon in the morning and then selling in the evening periods. It's also pretty important to have gear ahead of time. I saved a lot of grief (despite my two deaths) by having good gear ready when I wanted to adventure and/or holding the aforementioned good gear to sell to my adventurer during requests.
    • Some items just don't sell. Shelf space isn't really a premium; you can probably run 3 vending machines rather than 2 in the full size store without really sacrificing "useful" shelf space. Trying to get expensive accessories to sell is kind of like pulling teeth. It's generally better to sell expensive armor. Even then, people tend to gravitate towards the mid-priced items and only buy big ticket 20k pix items via requests and orders. You should still fill your store with expensive shit later on so you can force people to buy pricey goods. Either that or you can sell higher volume stuff worth 10k-ish. As long as you eventually offload those Sailor Suits and Chobham Armors you'll make rent.
    • For everyone except Prime, sell at 105% for best nearpin range. Prime will sometimes reject offers at 105% so you have to sell to her at 103%. I advise buying lowish, around 60%, but the nearpin range is around 70%. Euria's nearpin purchase range is around 205%. Ew.
    • For price up, sell to everyone except Prime at 236%. Prime's price up range is 207%. If you have to buy, it's a painful 157% for everyone.
    • For price down, buy at 35% and sell at (ugh) 52%. Prime's price down range is 46% for sales. Try to avoid selling price down goods obviously.
    • In general, early bumps in net worth are the highest value. If you get those day 2-4 dungeons down, you are pretty much set to just buy-sell your way to the endgame.

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