Friday, March 2, 2012

In this thread, Nightbane are retarded

So yeah. Nightbane are pretty powerful in morphus form. According to the conversion notes, Nightbane in morphus form turn their SDC into MDC, which means that they can train Marvel Comics style in facade mode and gain stat buffs in morphus mode legitimately (I houseruled physical stat training for superstr characters).

The conversion notes in Dark Conversions screw us out of some fun options. Unfortunately, there is no benefit to playing as a spider, snake, or giant insect as their poisons are SD (obviously I would change this but I'm doing core just to show imba). Thus, the best options provide better senses or stats.

Note: fStat means facade stat, mStat means morphus

The base stats of any Nightbane are double HP (mPE*2 + 2d6 per level) and 30+2d6*10 MDC. They get a natural +10 to PS, PE, and SPD and +6 to PP. They also have some of the highest mana totals in the game at  fPE+3d6*10+20, +3d6 per level. Nightbane have to spend mana permanently to get talents, so this might be a compromise. Note that a Nightbane sorceror can select no talents and have his full mana pool for spells, although there are enough good talents that I think this is a bad idea.

Nightbane core abilities are +1 init, +2s/p/d, +3 roll, +4 save magic, +3 save psi, +3 save disease, +3 save hf. This might be a little retarded but at least they don't have a huge poison save. Good stuff to know if you ever fight a Nightbane, but racial +10 PE might have something to say about that.

Appearance type: Bizaare (1 Beauty, 1 Characteristic, 1 Animal Form, 1 Stigmata)
Characteristics: 2x Unnatural Limbs, 1x Biomechanical, 1x Alien Form)
Animal Form: Cow/Buffalo
Unearthly Beauty: Physical Perfection, Fallen Angel
Stigmata: Bones, 1x Biomechanical
Unnatural Limbs: Four Arms (actually two), Pseudopods
Biomechanical: Metal Endoskeleton, Metal Exoskeleton
Alien Form: Crystaline, Hulking Monster

I only choose this combination because I assume you can't run plasmoid with a bunch of metal exoskeleton parts. Otherwise, plasmoid is kind of ftw, but you end up running with less than half HP.

Overall it gives you, without physical skills:
avg 64+7 HP per level = kinda hard to kill
avg 623 MDC = you can tank glitter boy guns to the face
avg 41.5 PS = fuck trucks, you hit like a short-range missile
avg 19.5 PP = you are kinda dextrous
avg 32 PE = you resist everything
avg 19 PB = you're a hot cow
avg 50.95 run SPD = you can chase down cars going the speed limit
horror factor 18 = you are fucking terrifying... and I'll be honest, I'm terrified looking at these stats
+2 initiative, +2 roll with punch, +3 save disease = boring
+2 s/p/d, +3 save psi, +3 save hf = awesome
+4 save magic = you're probably immune
fire and cold resistance = does half damage
avg +2.75 APM = the chance for +3 APM is there, that's all I'm saying
automatic dodge = yeah that's right, what now bitch

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